Top Ten List for Best Practices in Coaching

Everyone has heard of David Letterman's Top Ten List, so to borrow from the late night host, this article will present the top ten list for best practices in coaching. Coaching requites skill, expertise, knowledge, experience, dedication, and plenty of passion. These best practices can be considered guidelines or principles for running an effective, ethical, and successful coaching practice. Best practices in coaching are a crucial part of training for anyone wishing to be a coach. Top Ten List … [Read more...]

Best Practices In Coaching: Getting To The Root Of The Problem

Even the best practices in coaching won't help you if you can't diagnose the issue. When we talk about diagnosis in coaching, we are really talking about identifying what people really want. According to modern psychology , what people really want is to get their needs met. The most essential needs to survival are certainty (comfort and safety), love (connectedness), significance (being valuable or needed), and variety. So how do you figure out what people need? Is there really a best practice … [Read more...]