Salary for Life Coach

Salary For Life Coach: How Much Can You Earn?

As a coach kick-starting a new career, the most fundamental question on your mind is "what is the salary for life coach professionals"? You may begin reflecting on whether it's time to quit your full-time job and focus on your coaching business full time. And so although you entered the field of coaching to impact people's lives, you also want to ensure the income received is enough to sustain your livelihood. According to research by ZipRecruiter, 63% of life coaches make between $11,000 … [Read more...]

Less Clients For a Higher Salary for Life Coach

What is an average salary for life coach? Hell, who cares about average – what is a great salary for life coach? It is important to consider that coaching salaries vary wildly and it is difficult to determine an average. Many online sites about coaching peg an average life coaching fee at $100- $200 per hour, with experienced and skilled coaches charging $250 up to $600 per hour. According to a Sherpa Executive Coaching Survey that looked at international coaching salaries, here are a few … [Read more...]

Salary for Life Coach? Good Question!

Salary for life coach? Good question. Or it should be. I figured was a good place to start. Salary. Life coach. Type them in and there you go. Sounds reasonable but what do you get? Salaries for various kinds and levels of athletic coaches. And salaries for several unusual jobs in the insurance industry that I have never heard of. So are there no life coaches? Are they not paid? Or do they not get salaries? There Are Life Coaches, and There Is Life Coaching According to the Life … [Read more...]