Corporate Coach Training – Training for Success

Does corporate coach training work? Can the corporate bigwigs at a company be coached and trained? Or do they think they are above coaching because they have already reached pinnacles of success most people only dream only dream about?

Corporate Coaching – Myth or Fact?

A study in the Journal of Public Personnel Management, a quarterly journal focusing on human resource work in the public sector, found that training increased managerial productivity by 22.4 percent while coaching plus training increased productivity 88 percent. The value of corporate coaching seems substantial. Because corporate executives are beginning to recognize the value of coaching,, the corporate coaching will will undoubtedly experience considerable growth in the coming years.

Corporate Coach Training – Where to Start

For many individuals, the first place to start with their corporate coach training is the real world. Most people who go into corporate coaching have been involved with the business world for many years. Most corporate coaches make the jump from working as a manager or executive to coaching managers and executive.

Once a decision is made to make the jump, the next step of corporate coaching training should begin. It is time to learn how to be a coach. Finding the right coach training program is an essential step in the process. Find a training program that is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF), call or email the program and find out additional information about their courses, the professors, their accreditation, and their certifications. The program should also contain mentor coaching and a course on successfully running a business.

Using Your Corporate Coach Training

With experience and education behind you, it is time to begin coaching. You will need to decide whether to work for someone else or work for yourself. That is a question only you can answer. Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit, do you enjoy working on your own, do you understand marketing and promotion, or would your prefer to only coach and have someone else run the business side of things? The choice is yours and only you know the right pathway to success.

Achieving Success With your Corporate Coach Training

To be successful as a corporate coach, here are the two most important messages you must convey to your clients:

  1. Professionalism. Professionals will not listen to someone who does not dress, act, speak, or present themselves in a professional manner. They will listen to a fitness trainer dressed casually, but they will not listen to a corporate coach who fails to dress like a corporate executive.
  2. Ability to adapt. Unless you only work for one corporation, you will be working with executives from nay different companies. These companies have their own culture, vision, and guiding missions. You will need to understand the values for each company for whom you train a corporate manager or executive. You will need to adapt your values and your style of coaching to fit perfectly with the values, missions, and cultures of these various companies.

Corporate coach training includes both your own experience and the education you receive from an accredited coaching program. It also includes your own ability to mold yourself into professional and adaptive coach who can work effectively within the parameters of different corporate cultures. If you can do that – success is yours for the taking!

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