What is Corporate Coach Training?

Managing people is a skill that takes hard work, experience, skills, and education – corporate coach training can provide you with the skills and the education. Whether you are a high-level executive, a small business owner, or a corporate manager at any level, managing people is an important part of your work day. Corporate coach training isn't just for those who work for corporations. It is for anyone in any leadership position. 6 Skills Taught by Corporate Coach … [Read more...]

Corporate Coach Training – Training for Success

Does corporate coach training work? Can the corporate bigwigs at a company be coached and trained? Or do they think they are above coaching because they have already reached pinnacles of success most people only dream only dream about? Corporate Coaching – Myth or Fact? A study in the Journal of Public Personnel Management, a quarterly journal focusing on human resource work in the public sector, found that training increased managerial productivity by 22.4 percent while coaching plus training … [Read more...]

Multiply Your Income with Corporate Coach Training

Think of corporate coach training as train the trainer for coaching in a corporate environment. The idea is to establish a coaching culture within a company either as part of the management structure or as a parallel activity. In either case, you will be using leverage to extend your impact, decrease your effort and multiply your income. Here’s how. Selling the Concept of Coach Training A powerful way to gain acceptance of a new concept is to draw parallels between the new concept and a well … [Read more...]