Us Coach – Real Coaching Term or Headache for a Writer?

Do you know what an Us Coach is? Either do I. But, one of the keywords phrases generated by the trusty, well, maybe not so trusty, keyword generator was “us coach.” Hmm..let's search Google. Not much there, unless I should write about US Coach Tours, or Coach leather stores in New York, but that probably doesn't fit a coaching blog. Keyword Phrases That Make Life Difficult For a Writer This is just one of those awkward keyword phrases that are generated automatically with little regard … [Read more...]

What is an Us Coach?

Everyone is looking for a competitive edge in the coaching world, so here is a new one for you – an “us coach.” What is an “us coach” you ask? It is a coach that teaches teamwork. Teamwork can certainly be taught in the sports realm, but it is also vitally important in the business and corporate world. Employees and managers need to be able to work together to reach a common goal. Instead of teaching one client - “I”, you coach a group - “us.” What Does an Us Coach Do? Four of the principle … [Read more...]

Can You Help Us Coach?

Tell us Coach, what exactly do you do? Many people are confused about what changes a life coach can help you make. What is a life coach? What can you expect to gain as a result of working with a life coach? Who can benefit most from the inner work a life coach will allow you the space to explore. Were Addicted Can You Help us Coach? Addictions are hard to beat alone and us coaches are trained to help you. Life Coaches often work with clients experiencing addictions such as Smoking … [Read more...]