What is an Us Coach?

Everyone is looking for a competitive edge in the coaching world, so here is a new one for you – an “us coach.” What is an “us coach” you ask? It is a coach that teaches teamwork. Teamwork can certainly be taught in the sports realm, but it is also vitally important in the business and corporate world. Employees and managers need to be able to work together to reach a common goal. Instead of teaching one client – “I”, you coach a group – “us.”

What Does an Us Coach Do?

Four of the principle goals of coaching are:

  1. Building someone’s confidence to face specific situations
  2. Creating a road map for long-term excellence and achievement.
  3. Providing someone with the tools to self-correct and adapt.
  4. Provide them with insights of possibilities and potentialities.

These four principles can be used in ‘us coaching.” In a group environment, the coach and the clients can think in terms of “us” instead of “me” by applying these principles to group projects, business groups, and corporate divisions.

Teamwork requires each and every member of the team to have confidence in their ability to perform their tasks within the group. A team is only as strong as its weakest link; if one member lacks confidence, the entire group is diminished. Coaching confidence is the first step in coaching teamwork.

A group also needs the ability to create road maps to reach the conclusions of their projects. Coaching one-on-one consists of determining desired destinations and helping your clients create pathways to get to those destinations. It is no different in a group environment. Destinations must be stated and ways to reach these destinations should be effectively created and considered.

Achieving a level of teamwork needed to function as an efficient and creative group within a corporate environment requires individual and team adaptions and corrections. Helping a team work on ways to self-correct and adapt may be the most important function of an “us coach.” Corporate teams often work on complex projects that take months or years. These projects may change direction many times before they are finished. Effective adaptation and self-correction in a team environment are absolutely essential to the successful completion of any project.

A good coach uses inquiry and guided questioning to help clients think of future possibilities and potentialities. Any group working on a long-term project or any division of a corporation will need to be forward-thinking and contemplate the future. Providing employees, business groups, and corporate divisions with the skills needed to consider the future and outline ways to get to that future is crucial for their success.

Looking for a niche? Teamwork coaching might be a great niche to consider. This type of coaching would most likely be best in areas that have large businesses – think urban instead of rural. Being an “us coach” might be the next big thing.

Teamwork is an essential component of group success. Look at how poorly our elected representatives get along – our government is failing because teamwork has been thrown out the window. Any business that wants to succeed in these competitive times, needs to have a strong sense of “team.” This is where you, the “us coach”, will become an important player in the coaching world.

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Fred Philips
Business Coach
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