Positive Psychology Coaching

What is Positive Psychology Coaching?

Positive psychology coaching – what is it and how does it work? Let's define positive psychology first to arrive at a definition of positive psychology coaching. It is basically the study of the strengths and weaknesses that allow individuals and communities to survive and thrive. As you can tell, this type of psychology aligns itself perfectly with the coaching profession. Both fields start with the assumption that people are resourceful, dedicated to improvement, and motivated to … [Read more...]

Two Secrets For Success Coaching Success

Here are two success secrets for success coaching. They are easy to overlook, but they are critical to your success and your bank account. Here they are. Nail Down what Your Client Calls “Success” For success coaching you have to know the target. You only get to input, not to cast a vote and certainly not to decide. Start out by simply asking what your client calls true success. Listen carefully, because they may tell you what their mother or society considers success. Ask on. Once you think … [Read more...]

How to Become a Wellness Coach in PA

For those of you who are residents of the Keystone state, here is some information on how to become a wellness coach in PA. Just like all other states in the United States, there are no education or training requirements to become a wellness coach in Pennsylvania. Residents in PA can hang out a sign that says “Wellness Coach” and start marketing for clients. No government, state or federal regulates wellness coach certification. However, this doesn't mean that the best advice on how to become … [Read more...]

The Education Needed to be a Coach You Can And Can’t Buy

The education needed to be a coach will most likely change dramatically over the next decade.  Currently there are no regulated requirements for the education needed to be a coach at a professional level. There are many different directions a life coach can go and it would be wise to invest in education that directly increases the expertise of your clients needs. What kind of life coach are you? Are you a coach for big corporations and executives? Are you a coach for people with … [Read more...]

Should I Become a Spiritual Life Coach?

To become a spiritual life coach you must first understand what it means to be spiritual. Do you have a daily spiritual practice that is a part of your life? Does your spirit, and ability to spread spirit, reach into the minds and hearts of everyone you interact with? Are you great at helping others follow their own path? Do you believe in spirituality above all things? What else would it take beyond these natural abilities to become a spiritual life coach? The difference between Spirit and … [Read more...]

Become a Coach and Leadership Development Expert

If you are looking for a niche in the coaching field, here's a good one: executive coach and leadership development expert. Executive coaching is a great field; you work with successful individuals in a highly competitive and dynamic business environment. Take executive coaching one step further and focus on leadership development. An executive coach and leadership development expert focuses on the principles of effective leadership and building a strong foundation for an executive to grow into … [Read more...]

You Want University Courses in Life Coaching?

If you are asking about university courses in life coaching, you are opening up a major “can of worms!” But fear not; there is a way to sort through this and make some sense of it. There are, in fact, two basic questions: What is a university? That’s right. You need to answer that. And what course or courses make sense for you. What is a University? There are, of course, traditional, fully accredited universities. Many of these universities are now offering courses in various formats – … [Read more...]

Do You Become a Life Coach or Not?

Do you become a life coach? Pondering a career decision that will move you into the life coaching field? Do you become a life coaching professional or not, is the question. Well, here are a few other questions that may help you answer that one all-important question. Have you always had a strong desire to help other people? Would you like to motivate and inspire others to create a better life? Do you want to help others achieve their goals and dreams? Do you seek satisfying and … [Read more...]

Why Leadership Coaches Can Earn Seven Figures

Leadership coaches can earn a million dollar or more per year – and still not be paid what they are really worth. Yes that is true. And here is why. The secret is the impact that a leadership coach can have on the leader, the impact that a leader can have on the organization, and arranging to be paid based on the value delivered, not the hours spent coaching. Let’s take these in reverse order. Should you be paid for results or for time spent? Should you be paid for results or for time spent? I … [Read more...]

How to Choose University Life Coaching Courses

University life coaching courses are everywhere. There are online courses, correspondence courses, accredited courses, college courses, and more. If you are looking to become a life coach, there are plenty of options for you. However, almost anyone can start a life coaching school, so it is wise to do some due diligence before you sign up with any life coaching program. Finding the right university life coaching courses takes a little effort! How to Choose University Life Coaching Courses One … [Read more...]