Do You Become a Life Coach or Not?

Do you become a life coach? Pondering a career decision that will move you into the life coaching field? Do you become a life coaching professional or not, is the question. Well, here are a few other questions that may help you answer that one all-important question.

  • Have you always had a strong desire to help other people?
  • Would you like to motivate and inspire others to create a better life?
  • Do you want to help others achieve their goals and dreams?
  • Do you seek satisfying and rewarding work?
  • Do you seek a career in a dynamic field filled with human interaction and personal development?
  • Do you have the work ethic to become a success in a challenging field?

Do You Become a Life Coach or Not?

The only one who can answer that question is…YOU!. You can read blogs, forums, online advice, or books to help you learn about life coaching. You can talk to coaches, attend seminars, or listen to online webinars to get more information on this exciting field. Information on the particulars and specifics of a career are valuable pieces of information when making a change. However, there is only one person with the correct answer to the question, “Do you become a life coach?” That person is…YOU!

The field is dynamic, diverse, and just plain dynamite! If you do become a life coach, you will discover that life coaches can have a variety of different clients, work on many challenging and unique issues, and face many different life scenarios. For example, the band Mettalica once hired a life coach, and paid them $40,000 per month to help them stop fighting with each other. That is probably not a gig most people think of when they get into the life coaching field. Anything can happen in this field – people have all sorts of issues they need to work on, all sorts of problems they face, and all types of goals and objectives they seek. Some people say that variety is the spice of life, well, variety is also the spice of life coaching!

A life coach figures out where a client’s heart and head wants to go and then helps them get there. Not a bad gig, if you can get it. And you can get it, if you want it!

Can You Get Rich as a Life Coach?

Will you get rich coaching? If that is your only goal…forget it. It may happen, but it may not. Getting rich should merely be the icing on the cake. You certainly should not expect to make the big bucks immediately. Just like any business – it takes time to build a client base, raise your hourly fee, and find other income avenues that mesh with your coaching.

Will You Love Life Coaching?

If you do become a life coach, will you love it? The only one who can answer that question is you. However, if you answered yes to the questions above, the answer will probably be YES! The best way to answer that is to look inside your heart and your head, answer those questions, and determine who you are. And who you are just may be a life coach!

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