How to Become a Wellness Coach on a Tropical Island

Here is the answer to the question “How to become a wellness coach and live on a tropic island?” Sound good? Sound a little too good? Well maybe, but you really can do it. And what is more if you don’t like tropical islands, you can live in the far north with the Eskimos, or even in Erie, Pennsylvania! This Is a Truly Mass Market Paired with “How to become a wellness coach?” is the question “Why become a wellness coach?” That is “Is there a genuine need?” Unfortunately, there is a massive … [Read more...]

How to Become a Wellness Coach in PA

For those of you who are residents of the Keystone state, here is some information on how to become a wellness coach in PA. Just like all other states in the United States, there are no education or training requirements to become a wellness coach in Pennsylvania. Residents in PA can hang out a sign that says “Wellness Coach” and start marketing for clients. No government, state or federal regulates wellness coach certification. However, this doesn't mean that the best advice on how to become … [Read more...]