Two Secrets For Success Coaching Success

Here are two success secrets for success coaching. They are easy to overlook, but they are critical to your success and your bank account. Here they are.

Nail Down what Your Client Calls “Success”

For success coaching you have to know the target. You only get to input, not to cast a vote and certainly not to decide. Start out by simply asking what your client calls true success. Listen carefully, because they may tell you what their mother or society considers success. Ask on. Once you think that you are really communicating with your client, themselves, listen to what they have to say. Ask why that is success. For example, if you would be successful if you had money, how would that make you successful? What would you do with the money? What would it mean to you to have money? Ask on. Aristotle said that true success lies in achieving “happiness.” If that is the case, when are they most happy? And how do they get that way? Ask on.

For Success Coaching Grand Slams

If you agree with Aristotle that happiness brings us our greatest chance for what we call long term success, I suggest that people’s greatest chance at happiness comes when they are fulfilling their fundamental needs. Obviously this involves helping your client work their way up Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. But I want to focus in our four specific, hardwired human needs: the needs to achieve significance, love and connection, certainty, and variety. If we help our clients achieve one or two of these at the expense of the others, they will not experience long term happiness and will not really consider themselves to be successful. But if they can achieve all four in balance, they not only will be fundamentally happy and successful, but since they are not trading one area against the other, this state of happiness and success will be self-reinforcing, stable and long lasting. And for success coaching, that is not just a homerun, it is a grand slam!

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Dave Iuppa
JTS Advisors Strategy and Accountability Coach

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