For Success Coaching, Go Back to the Classics

For success coaching, there is perhaps no one more famous than Stephen Covey. In about 1990, I had the opportunity to spend a day with him. I was working for HP and Stephen had agreed to personally kickoff a 7 Habits implementation program that his organization was doing for my group. The most important lesson that I learned that day was not about the 7 Habits, but that for success coaching, you must go back to the classic teachings. Where Did the 7 Habits Originate? In conversation, Stephen … [Read more...]

Two Secrets For Success Coaching Success

Here are two success secrets for success coaching. They are easy to overlook, but they are critical to your success and your bank account. Here they are. Nail Down what Your Client Calls “Success” For success coaching you have to know the target. You only get to input, not to cast a vote and certainly not to decide. Start out by simply asking what your client calls true success. Listen carefully, because they may tell you what their mother or society considers success. Ask on. Once you think … [Read more...]