You Want University Courses in Life Coaching?

If you are asking about university courses in life coaching, you are opening up a major “can of worms!” But fear not; there is a way to sort through this and make some sense of it. There are, in fact, two basic questions: What is a university? That’s right. You need to answer that. And what course or courses make sense for you.

What is a University?

There are, of course, traditional, fully accredited universities. Many of these universities are now offering courses in various formats – classroom-based, online only and blended programs. Almost all of these life coaching courses deliver the rigorous training you would expect from a university level course in engineering, or history or accounting. Because of this, courses, degrees and certificates offered by these institutions may be viewed as more genuine than courses offered by other institutions.

Other institutions may deliver training that is equal to or even superior to those delivered by traditional universities, and the effectiveness of their coaches may be greater than graduates of traditional universities. But at the very least, there is a certain “cache” associated with a degree offered by a well recognized traditional university, like Harvard for example.

There is one group of non-traditional institutions that requires careful attention. These schools call themselves “universities” and they deliver university courses in life coaching, but operate entirely outside the charter of either traditional accreditation organizations or well recognized professional organizations. A careful review of their programs, faculty and graduates is required before signing up for these programs.

What to Look for in University Courses in Life Coaching?

What makes great university courses in life coaching is the same thing that makes any life coaching courses great. And since this is my favorite “soap box” subject, I’ll try not to get too carried away. Check out the fruits of the program: the graduates. Are their graduates successful for their clients and themselves? Do you like the underlying mission and values of the program? Do the courses include science-based theory AND a huge portion of actually coaching and being coached? If you have any doubts, double check and then, if your doubts still remain, just write them off and move on.

Remember: the education you receive and the reputation of the institution you attend become yours for your entire career, so get it right.

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Dave Iuppa
JTS Advisors Strategy and Accountability Coach

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