The Education Needed to be a Coach You Can And Can’t Buy

The education needed to be a coach will most likely change dramatically over the next decade.  Currently there are no regulated requirements for the education needed to be a coach at a professional level. There are many different directions a life coach can go and it would be wise to invest in education that directly increases the expertise of your clients needs.

What kind of life coach are you?

  • Are you a coach for big corporations and executives?
  • Are you a coach for people with addictions?
  • Are you a spiritual life coach?
  • Are you a success coach?

Do you coach college students on getting jobs after school?

The education needed to be a coach in any of these areas would differ dramatically. However, there is a solid foundation of coaching techniques that would be valuable to you in becoming a coach. A coach should be familiar with NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) as well as active listening skills. The most important education needed to be a coach is the ability to ask questions that allow your client to find the motivation and clarity to take action that they cannot find on their own.

The Education needed to be a coach that yeilds results is in the foundation of mastering these skills:

  1. Understand on a psychological level how to motivate people to take action.
  2. Identify limiting beliefs, destructive patterns and hidden agendas that limit your client from acting on their full potential.
  3. How to get clients to take action on a strategic and consistent plan that is favorable for the desires of their future.

In addition study the education needed to be a coach who is an expert in your niche.

The Education Needed to be a Coach You Can NOT Buy.

There is a natural intuitiveness most coaches have, the education needed to be a coach will not teach this skill.

Successful life coaches seem to have two things in common:

  1. They have the ability to listen and hear beyond words.
  2. People are naturally comfortable and drawn to them as leaders, mentors and problem solvers.

If you notice that you

  • You sense at a deeper level what is wrong with people
  • You can easily identify the underlying issue when someone is talking about their problems
  • You can pinpoint and articulate an active solution
  • you are someone who listens to your inner voice and has a deeper intuition that has guided you in life
  • you may find that same intuition can help to guide others to making difficult decisions and facing challenges
  • You relate to other coaches in that people gravitate toward you and seek out your advice and support.

This is the deeply required education needed to be a coach that cannot be bought or taught. The educator of this talent is not of this world.

Know What it Takes to Run Your Business

The education needed to be a coach does not stop at psychology and neuro-linguistics programming coaching certifications. You will need to know how to run your own business. It would be wise to invest in marketing training and don’t forget social media. This is the future education needed to be a coach who will be successful in the next decade.

You will need to have strong discipline in running your own business and finding clients. Perhaps the most valuable education needed to be a coach is to have a life coach of your own for at least one year. There are many online courses now for life coaches offering all of this training in one. Ask to speak to someone one-on-one who has completed these courses and find out if they are in fact running a successful coaching business. As always follow your intuition, it is your strongest guide.

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Jeannine Yoder
Life Coach
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