Do You Become a Life Coach? Read the Fine Print First

Do you become a life coach? Great question, glad you asked. Coaching is a great gig – you can work for yourself, chart your own course, and help people find their true destiny. You can use your passion to help others find out how to discover and use their passions. Sounds great, right? It is, but before you jump in to the coaching field, you should read the fine print. Their are caveats and warnings. Let's talk about some of the things people believe about coaching and separate the truth from … [Read more...]

Do You Become a Life Coach or Not?

Do you become a life coach? Pondering a career decision that will move you into the life coaching field? Do you become a life coaching professional or not, is the question. Well, here are a few other questions that may help you answer that one all-important question. Have you always had a strong desire to help other people? Would you like to motivate and inspire others to create a better life? Do you want to help others achieve their goals and dreams? Do you seek satisfying and … [Read more...]