The Art and Science of Coach and Leadership Skills

Being a good coach and leadership expert is both an art and a science. The science part of being a coaching and leadership expert can be taught in programs and classes. Learning theories, skills, techniques, and exercises are all part of the science of coaching and can be absorbed intellectually by almost everyone. However, there is more to coaching than theories, skills, techniques, and exercises. The Art of Coaching If you give two people the same number of guitar lessons with the same … [Read more...]

Become a Coach and Leadership Development Expert

If you are looking for a niche in the coaching field, here's a good one: executive coach and leadership development expert. Executive coaching is a great field; you work with successful individuals in a highly competitive and dynamic business environment. Take executive coaching one step further and focus on leadership development. An executive coach and leadership development expert focuses on the principles of effective leadership and building a strong foundation for an executive to grow into … [Read more...]