Leadership Coaches Can Make All the Difference

Today in Washington, and corporations, and families, we are suffering terribly from a shortage of good leaders, and no one can have a more direct impact on this sorry state than leadership coaches. If you are interested in helping to fix this problem, become a leadership coach. Here is how. Coaching Comes First Leadership coaching is an area of specialization within coaching, so your first step is to become trained as a skill coach. I strongly recommend mastering assessment, strategy and … [Read more...]

Why Leadership Coaches Can Earn Seven Figures

Leadership coaches can earn a million dollar or more per year – and still not be paid what they are really worth. Yes that is true. And here is why. The secret is the impact that a leadership coach can have on the leader, the impact that a leader can have on the organization, and arranging to be paid based on the value delivered, not the hours spent coaching. Let’s take these in reverse order. Should you be paid for results or for time spent? Should you be paid for results or for time spent? I … [Read more...]