Creating a Life Coaching Business - jayne warrilow and the 10 day coaches mba interview with master coach university

Creating a Life Coaching Business (Live Interview With Jayne Warrilow, Author of the 10 Day Coaches MBA)

Have you ever thought that you can be a great coach, but that creating a life coaching business is too challenging for you? Would you rather just do the coaching and leave the selling, administration, marketing, and bean counting to someone else? Do you feel resistant when it’s time to get up and work on your coaching business, or that you really don’t know how to set up your life coaching business? Today I’m sharing an interview that I did with Jayne Warrilow, the author of “The 10-Day … [Read more...]

Why a Niche Coaching Business Doesn’t Work (And What to do About It)

Did you know that nine out of ten coaches that start a niche coaching business fail?   I’ve worked with hundreds of new coaches who wanted to start a niche coaching business, but I almost always tell them not to. Below (and in the video) I'll explain why a niche coaching business doesn’t work and what to do about it.  Check out the video right here (and you’ll see the full transcript and notes below in this article): We’ll also talk about… What to do BEFORE you identify your … [Read more...]

The Very Real Dangers of Executive Coaching

What are the very real dangers of executive coaching? Are there any real dangers of executive coaching? Or, is it something that always provides positive results? The One Very Real Danger of Executive Coaching One of the most common problems with executive coaching is that the results achieved are not worth the money spent. If you’re an executive coach, you want to make sure you can provide outcomes that are worth what you've been paid. To be an effective executive coach, you must … [Read more...]

Do You Need Accredited Life Coach Training to be a Life Coach?

Do you need accredited life coach training to be a life coach? Well, if you use the main dictionary meaning of the word “need” then no, you don't need accredited life coach training to be a life coach. The definition of “need” is “requirement.” There are no requirements to have any training, accredited or not, to become a life coach. Should You Have Accredited Life Coach Training to be a Life Coach? Now, if you change the word “need” to “should” it's an entirely different ballgame. … [Read more...]

Why Get a Spiritual Life Coach Certification?

Ever think about obtaining a spiritual life coach certification? Do you desire to help clients find something vital that is missing in their lives? Do you want to help clients find love, purpose, and meaning in life? If you have a positive attitude, and believe in raising consciousness and awareness, then getting your spiritual life coach certification just might be the right path for you. Spirit comes from the Latin word meaning “breath.” Just as breathing is essential for life, so is … [Read more...]

4 Keys to Success Coaching Success

What are the keys to success coaching success? If you want to be a success in the success coaching business, what do you need to do? What is Success Coaching? Success coaching involves a step by step process. It takes a client from the identification of goals to the achievement of those goals. It helps individuals define, work towards, and achieve goals with greater clarity and ease than they can by themselves. Success coaching is educational, as clients learn knowledge, skills, and … [Read more...]

Wyoming Coaching Certification – is it Really Needed?

If you want to be a life coach in the great state of Wyoming, there are no requirements to earn a Wyoming coaching certification. In fact, even though you can certainly earn a coaching certification in Wyoming, there is no such thing as a Wyoming coaching certification. Coaching is an Unregulated Jungle Some people believe that the coaching profession is a regulated industry along the lines of accountants or lawyers. Those people would be wrong. In reality, anyone can call themselves a … [Read more...]

5 Steps to Finding a Coaching Niche

Are you a coach struggling with the decision on finding a coaching niche? Are you afraid that focusing on just one niche will limit your opportunities? If so, guess what? There's no need to fear getting in to a niche. Niches work. Niches make it easier for you to become an expert – a recognized go-to person in that niche. Niches can be profitable – very profitable. Think “niche”, and you will be on your way to coaching riches – professional, personally, and financially. Not convinced yet … [Read more...]

Does Life Coaching Work? Ask me After my Car Accident

Does life coaching work? When you go through tough times. How do you manage? Do you avoid? Do you freak out? OR... ...Do you coach yourself? Three ‘Life Ruining’ Situations Recently, I experienced three events that really changed my life – in one day. All three had the potential to ruin my life if I was unable to handle them. I really had to pull all of my tools together and coach myself through them. The first was a vehicle accident, everyone involved survived, but it … [Read more...]