Internet Marketing Life Coach Tools That Work

An Internet marketing life coach is the kind of coach you want to strive to be. If you enjoy earning money and not losing all your free time, Internet marketing for life coaches should become your daily focus. What is an Internet Marketing Life Coach? The Internet marketing life coach is the one whose products and services are selling while he or she is On the line with a client Spending time with family and friends Speaking at a live engagement Writing a book Traveling the … [Read more...]

Designing a Career Coach Institute

Would it be possible to create your own career coach institute? Remember the movie, Accepted? The main character in the movie didn't get into the colleges he applied for, and to satisfy his overbearing parents, he created a college out of thin air. He wrote an acceptance letter from a fake college - the South Harmon Institute of Technology (the acronym was one of the jokes in the movie). The real world isn't Hollywood, but I will suspended belief for the remainder of this article and pretend … [Read more...]

Why You Need a Wellness Coach Certification

To separate you from the pack, you need a wellness coach certification. What pack, you ask? The pack of people who are now calling themselves wellness coaches. This pack includes former and current fitness instructors, Pilates instructors, yoga instructors, personal trainers, weight loss counselors, and many others. Earning a wellness coach certification will separate you from this pack of well-meaning, but non-certified individuals. Wellness coach certifications separate the professionals … [Read more...]

My favorite Coaching Training Activities

Coaching training activities are the BEST way to perk up your coaching Mojo and refresh your skills. There are a few coaching training activities I repeat over and over throughout the year. It is important to build a strong foundation of independent support and growth to protect your skills as a life coach. Coaching Training Activities in Groups Mastermind Groups are a great coaches training activity. In fact I would say probably the best coaching training activity. A mastermind group is a … [Read more...]

Does University Courses Executive Coaching Make Sense?

Can you make this a logical connection: university courses executive coaching? Can you get all the information and training you need from university courses to become an executive coach? The simple answer is probably – no. University courses executive coaching is not what someone thinks about when they sign up for classes at a university. Young people just entering college don't usually plan on entering the executive coaching field. They want to be doctors, lawyers, accountants, scientists, … [Read more...]

Why People Don’t Do What Personal Life Coaches Tell Them to Do

Personal life coaches often give advice – they may not call it advice, and many master coaches advise against calling it advice, but you can't help giving advice when you coach. What is advice? Advice is merely knowledge that one person tries to transfer to another. As a coach, you may have plenty of knowledge because of experience and education. You probably have more knowledge on many subjects than your clients. For example, you may have a client who wants to lose weight and learn to live a … [Read more...]

Why Should I Get a Relationship Coach Certification?

s are HOT in the world of self-development and life coaching. Many coaches have decided to set their eyes on a relationship coach certification to contribute to the growth of their coaching practice. What’s Trendy About a Relationship Coach Certification? A relationship coach certification is all the rage. We all want more love and connection in our lives and can’t seem to find the time to get it. The pressure to be successful in the United States has increased over the past 10 years. More … [Read more...]

Ode to a Certified Personal Coach

Here's a poem for all those thinking of hiring a certified personal coach. In ragged, mostly non-rhyming middle-school level poetry, the benefits of using the services of a coach are extolled. If you are thinking of becoming a certified personal coach, this poem may give you an idea of the influence you can have on people. Coaching is a great profession because you make money, earn respect, and help save the world, one person at a time, unless you coach in groups, then you save the world one … [Read more...]

Why You Should Get Your Wellness Coaching Certification Now

Think a wellness coaching certification would be the right choice for your career? It's a great career choice because you get to help people, work in a healthy and dynamic field, and you have the opportunity to make some damn good money. Being a wellness coach requires a unique set of skills that may not be taught in traditional coaching programs. Before you set out on the road to your wellness coaching certification, here's what you will do as a wellness coach. Work with individuals and … [Read more...]

What is a Life Coach Career Coach?

Here is a new niche for coaching - life coach career coach. Usually when you look for a niche in the coaching world, you attempt to narrow down the market. For example, weight loss coach for working woman, financial coach for seniors, life coach for the disabled, sleep coach for insomniacs, weight loss coach for grumpy old men: these are all examples of narrowing down a market to focus on specifics. But, in this case, the niche is actually an expanded market; you can call yourself a life coach … [Read more...]