Does This Equation Work: Experience + Talent + University Courses = Executive Coaching?

Here's an equation for you: Experience + Talent + University Courses = Executive Coaching. Not something you would find in algebra or Calculus class, but if you are looking to become a coach, it's an equation worth considering. Experience Matters With Executive Coaching The first part of the equation, Experience + Talent + University Courses = Executive Coaching, in some ways should be the last part of the equation. After all, experience often comes last in a career – you go to a … [Read more...]

Experience + University Courses = Executive Coaching

Starting a coaching career and thinking of taking university courses: executive coaching requires much more training than that! Executive coaching is near the pinnacle of the coaching industry and usually requires several years of experience in the corporate world and many coaching classes and university courses. Executive coaching is high-end coaching and is generally not suitable for the recent college graduate who lacks business and managerial experience. If you are in college and your dream … [Read more...]

Does University Courses Executive Coaching Make Sense?

Can you make this a logical connection: university courses executive coaching? Can you get all the information and training you need from university courses to become an executive coach? The simple answer is probably – no. University courses executive coaching is not what someone thinks about when they sign up for classes at a university. Young people just entering college don't usually plan on entering the executive coaching field. They want to be doctors, lawyers, accountants, scientists, … [Read more...]