Does University Courses Executive Coaching Make Sense?

Can you make this a logical connection: university courses executive coaching? Can you get all the information and training you need from university courses to become an executive coach? The simple answer is probably – no.

University courses executive coaching is not what someone thinks about when they sign up for classes at a university. Young people just entering college don’t usually plan on entering the executive coaching field. They want to be doctors, lawyers, accountants, scientists, business people, or any number of other career choices. Executive coaching is for those who have been out in the business world and want to change directions in their career. They want to help others find success and career happiness. So, university courses executive coaching doesn’t really make much sense, or do they?

If you have already been in the business world, and want to head back to college to take courses that will help launch your executive coaching career, university coach executive coach makes plenty of sense.

When seeking to change careers and become a coach, there are many possibilities. If you have the time, you can head off to college. There’s lots of pretty coeds or young hunks to look at, but that’s probably not the reason you want to take course towards your executive coaching certificate. You want knowledge, training, and skills.

University Courses Executive Coaching

The digital age has made it much easier to pursue a coaching certification. There are many online programs that are perfect for someone seeking to become an executive coach. You can pursue your goals from the privacy of your own home. You can take course in coaching ethics, communication skills for coaches, coaching techniques, relationship dynamics for coaches, marketing for coaches, and many skill specific classes.

Many universities require you to have a bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited institution in the United States. If you never received a college degree, you may have to go back to school with all those comely coeds and handsome young men.

Why Become an Executive Coach

Working with CEOs, managers, directors, and other top business executives puts you in the middle of the upper crust of the business world. You will be in the middle of a dynamic, significant, and growing industry. Coaching is a booming industry and executive coaching is one of the fastest growing segments withing the coaching field. If you like high-stakes, big-money industries, executive coaching is where you want to be. Your university courses executive coaching connection will be all worth it once you enter the field and begin working with executives on improving their leadership, performance, and management skills.

Is there a connection – university courses executive coaching? Yes and no. You probably will have trouble entering the executive coaching field merely by taking university courses and earning a degree. However, if you have experienced the trials and tribulations of the business world, and now wish to jump into the coaching field, university courses are an important component of a executive coaching certification.

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    The thing about Executive Coaching is that you would need to have experience and know your stuff. Executives have achieved highly visible positions and are usually quite knowledgeable about their area of expertise. They will not easily follow someone else’s suggestions and advice unless they trust that ths person is well qualified to help them get where they want to be. So attending a colleage training makes sense to me.


    Dr. Erica

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