Why You Should Get Your Wellness Coaching Certification Now

Think a wellness coaching certification would be the right choice for your career? It’s a great career choice because you get to help people, work in a healthy and dynamic field, and you have the opportunity to make some damn good money.

Being a wellness coach requires a unique set of skills that may not be taught in traditional coaching programs. Before you set out on the road to your wellness coaching certification, here’s what you will do as a wellness coach.

  • Work with individuals and groups who want to make positive and healthy changes in their lifestyle.
  • Work with clients to help prevent or reduce their risk of disease.
  • Work with employees of organizations or businesses and help them make healthy changes in their lifestyles so work productivity is increased.
  • Work with people who have a burning desire (enough desire to shell out some hard earned cash to you) to become or remain healthy and vibrant.

Sound good so far? If you enjoy a healthy lifestyle and want to help others enjoy the benefits of healthy lifestyle choices, get your wellness coaching certification, and get started.

Why a Wellness Coaching Certification is Essential

A certification assures the public and potential clients that a wellness coach meets or exceeds certain minimum standards for the coaching industry. A certification from the International Coach Federation and one that is specific to the wellness coaching field would ensure that you are meeting all standards for the industry.

A professional network is also built around those coaches who have wellness coaching certifications. This allows for the sharing of ideas, techniques, and information. Your certification will ensure that you remain at the forefront of your field; knowledgeable, capable, professional, and able to meet the increasing demand for certified and skilled wellness coaches.

Wellness coaching is the latest hot trend in the fitness industry. A wellness coach is more than a gym membership, more than a personal trainer, more than a nutritionist, more than a fitness guru – it is all these and more! According to a recent survey from the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), “educated and experienced fitness professionals” have become the most important fitness trend in the world. That will be you, if you make the decision to get your wellness coaching certification – the educated and experienced fitness professional.

The Center for Disease Control(CDC) estimates that more than 66% of Americans are overweight or obese. However, fat they may be, many of these people would rather be fit; they want to lose weight, get well, and live a healthy lifestyle. They may not have the motivation, the inspiration, the knowledge, or the specific tools needed to reach their lifestyle goals. That is where you, with your certification, your knowledge, and your passion for helping people, step in. You can be a part of a movement that creates a leaner, healthier, and happier America

What’s Next For Wellness Coaching?

The next big trend in the industry may be physician referrals. More and more doctors are starting to refer patients to coaches. The process is still in an early stage, but it seems like it would be the next logical step. Physicians and HMOs already use coaches to help patients quit smoking or to lose weight. The next step would be to have wellness coaches who could help these patients make positive and healthy lifestyle choices when it comes to all aspects of health and wellness. If you can get your wellness coaching certification and get in at the beginning of this trend, your coaching career will be poised to skyrocket!

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