Why You Need a Wellness Coach Certification

It’s not the law, so why would you need a wellness coach certification to be a wellness coach? Did you know that you could become a lawyer in some states without going to law school? Yes, you can “read the law” (study the law) and then work as an apprentice on your journey to become a lawyer. But, who becomes a lawyer without going to law school? Yes, Abraham Lincoln did it, but that was a long, long time ago! Future lawyers go to law school so they can study with their peers, receive … [Read more...]

Why is a Wellness Coach Certification Essential?

Why is wellness coach certification essential? It is not a legal requirement; anyone can become a wellness coach without being certified. So, why is it vital that you get your wellness coach certification before you become a wellness coach? Why You Need a Wellness Coach Certification Certification establishes a minimum standard for credentialing all professional health and wellness coaches. Certification tells the public that a coach meets or exceeds the minimum educational and … [Read more...]

How to Create Even More Demand for a Wellness Coach Certification

Getting a wellness coach certification can put you on a fast-track for success. According to a study by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), individuals who are “educated and experienced fitness professionals” now constitute the most dynamic fitness trend in the world. Why is a wellness coach certification in demand? In a word – fat! Yes, Americans are overweight and obese. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that more than 66% of adults are overweight … [Read more...]

Why You Need a Wellness Coach Certification

To separate you from the pack, you need a wellness coach certification. What pack, you ask? The pack of people who are now calling themselves wellness coaches. This pack includes former and current fitness instructors, Pilates instructors, yoga instructors, personal trainers, weight loss counselors, and many others. Earning a wellness coach certification will separate you from this pack of well-meaning, but non-certified individuals. Wellness coach certifications separate the professionals … [Read more...]