Why Should I Get a Relationship Coach Certification?

s are HOT in the world of self-development and life coaching. Many coaches have decided to set their eyes on a relationship coach certification to contribute to the growth of their coaching practice.

What’s Trendy About a Relationship Coach Certification?

A relationship coach certification is all the rage. We all want more love and connection in our lives and can’t seem to find the time to get it. The pressure to be successful in the United States has increased over the past 10 years. More women then ever are looking to be the bread earners in the relationship.

Perhaps in the past women were focused on nurturing, attracting husbands and providing a happy home. Now women are determined to use their talents and skills and market their businesses. Women and men are determined to create independence, stability and strength within their personal careers.

This is why you have seen a dramatic increase in online dating over the past few years. It’s simply harder to meet people when you are working hard to create “success”. More men and women are turning to coaches with a relationship coach certification to help them put the focus back on creating and attracting love into their lives, over wealth.

Relationships Are a Vehicle to Meet Our Human Needs

We are driven by the need to avoid pain and gain pleasure. Our human nature leads us to focus on four specific needs.

1. Certainty
2. Love/Connection
3. Varity
4. Significance

Typically we will focus more on one of three aspects of our lives and vehicles within this area to meet our human needs.

  1. Self
  2. Relationships
  3. Career

This may not be a recent trend, but many people are focusing on relationships more then ever to meet all four human needs. Thinking about it, it’s pretty clear how having a lover and best friend could provide you with

  • Certainty in your future
  • Love and connection with each other, through your interests and passions
  • A variety of emotions and experiences you would not achieve alone
  • Significance by being valued, needed and appreciated

Adding a relationship coach certification to your resume will ensure you are inviting those whose attention is focused on their relationships, to receive your services. Men and women who are in relationships are seeking coaches with relationship coaching certifications to apply an action-based approach to improving the communication and passion with their partners.

Relationships Consume Us

My experience in coaching my one on one clients that relationships consume us. When there is concern in the area of personal relationships it is impossible to work on any other area of their lives. I experience this shift in my personal life as well. I would estimate I spend at least one session per month, per client, focused on improving or solving challenges within personal relationships.

If you are a life coach it would benefit your clients and your practice to consider a relationship coach certification. You may even want to consider focusing your practice on this niche alone! Your coach studies may even help you to achieve more abundance of love in your relationship by earning your certification.

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Jeannine Yoder
Life Coach
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