Designing a Career Coach Institute

Would it be possible to create your own career coach institute? Remember the movie, Accepted? The main character in the movie didn’t get into the colleges he applied for, and to satisfy his overbearing parents, he created a college out of thin air. He wrote an acceptance letter from a fake college – the South Harmon Institute of Technology (the acronym was one of the jokes in the movie).

The real world isn’t Hollywood, but I will suspended belief for the remainder of this article and pretend that I am creating my own career coach institute. I want to teach and mentor individuals to become the best career coaches in the world. How would I design it? What courses would I offer? How would my career coach institute look when it was all finished and ready to accept students? Would it be different than other career coach institutes?

The Best Career Coach Institute

Here is what I would offer to make my career coach institute the best in the business.

If I had the money, and since we are suspending belief for a moment, let’s say I do have the money, I would have have a brick and mortar institute in addition to an online program. Having a place with actual classrooms and offices lends legitimacy and an educational aura to the school. Bricks and mortar takes money, plenty of it, but if the kids in Accepted could do it, I could do it, too!

My school would offer fast track programs. Intensive programs that can get someone ready to be a coach in as short a time as possible. This could be accomplished online or at the actual physical location of the school.

The institute would offer interactive telecast classes. Students could interact with teachers and other students no matter where they are in the world. Classes would be broadcast live and students could call in to ask and answer questions. If students could not watch live sessions, they would be archived online for prospective coaches to watch at their convenience.

All courses would be designed to pay attention to functionality. They would teach user-friendly exercises, techniques, skills, forms, questionnaires, and concepts that could be implemented with clients the moment a student starts a coaching practice.

My institute of higher learning for coaches would have a diverse staff of teachers encompassing all aspects of coaching. Teachers would have real-world experience in business, marketing, interview techniques, leadership, coaching, technology, life coaching, promotions, and other aspects of career management.

The school would be affiliated with the ICF (International Coach Federation) and offer courses in ICF core competency training.

Classes would be specifically designed to help students learn the benefits of social media – twitter, Facebook, and blogging. It will be difficult to survive and prosper in the coaching world without the effective use of social media.

My school would establish its own certification. This certification would meet the highest standards in the industry. Creating tough standards will help make this certification a highly sought-after and recognizable award in the career coaching field.

Do I have the time or money to create my own career coach institute? The answer is a resounding “NO!” But, there may be other expert coaches who have the time and money and see a need for this type of school. Take my suggestions and you can create a career coach institute that will be a paragon for an industry that will undoubtedly experience dynamic and sustained growth in the foreseeable future.

Hope you took some great value out of this post today! I’d love to hear your feedback, so make sure you leave a comment with your thoughts or questions. And also, you can click on the Twitter button below to retweet this article…Thank you!

Fred Philips
Business Coach
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  1. says

    This is a great opener and lots of information making you transparent with you abilities in supporting others.

    I understand to much the importance of having others involved with development and growth of any business when you have never ventured in our industry. Your services provide some of the foundation all need in leverage in business.

    I do look forward in hearing the results of some members you will have.

    Jeffrey, you have always been a great coach in our industry and now to provide an open method getting information out to us all, is just priceless. Thank you for all the service you have done and will provide to our new people in this great industry.

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