My favorite Coaching Training Activities

Coaching training activities are the BEST way to perk up your coaching Mojo and refresh your skills. There are a few coaching training activities I repeat over and over throughout the year. It is important to build a strong foundation of independent support and growth to protect your skills as a life coach.

Coaching Training Activities in Groups

Mastermind Groups are a great coaches training activity. In fact I would say probably the best coaching training activity. A mastermind group is a group of people sharing the same goal. This group will get together in an organized and consistent fashion. Mastermind groups are about creating a community that understands you and will hold you accountable to growth. What could be better then a designated hour each week to talk with a group of people who share the same passion?

Masterminds offer

  • Support from people who understand your business
  • Advice on challenges you do not know how to conquer
  • Allow you to contribute your skills and knowledge to help others in your field
  • Networking
  • Accountability to taking action on the things you desire to accomplish
  • Strategy
  • Resources
  • Consistency of focus
  • A community that offers connection and productivity

You can start a mastermind group of your own with fellow co-workers, join my monthly mastermind by phone or check out other options in your area. If you are looking for coaching training activities this is a great place to start.

Coach and Be Coached

The next best coaching training activity is to have a life coach of your own. A great solution is to find another coach who would like to do a trade. Engaging in coaching with a fellow life coach is a highly effective way of increasing your power as a coach. The best coaching training activities are the ones that allow you to practice and contribute. I like to alternate my trade with different coaches. It is exciting to have a skill you are good at and have the option to trade! By trading with different coaches I get to know many styles of coaching. Sometimes I pick up new tricks, tools and techniques just by being coached.

This coaching training activity will

  • Improve your life (DUH you are receiving coaching)
  • Open your eyes to different styles of coaching
  • Allow other coaches to get to know your style of coaching (coaches will refer clients better suited for your style)

Don’t Forget to Receive

My recent favorite coaching training activity is to remember to soak up personal development for myself. How often do you find yourself listening for new tools only to share with your clients? What about you? Don’t forget to take seminars, classes, read and discover selfishly for you and your own growth. In fact make it a point to find tools, skills and techniques you use in your personal life that you don’t give away. You change the world; don’t forget to receive a little love and growth of your own.

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Jeannine Yoder
Life Coach
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