Making the Most of A Relationship Coach Certification

Having a relationship coach certification can put you in the middle of some battles…or in the middle of a romantic comedy movie. With this certification, you will be working with couples or singles who want to be become part of a couple. In that line of work, you’ll see some battles, but you’ll also help create some beautiful stories. Talk is Cheap, Money Matters, and Sex Makes the World Go Round According to many studies, there are three main reasons couple fight: Communication … [Read more...]

Why Should You Get a Relationship Coach Certification

Earning a relationship coach certification can put you in the driver's seat for a new and potential lucrative career. Relationships are an integral part of life yet they can be extremely frustrating and difficult. Ask anyone and you will discover that they have been in at least one bad relationship or have experienced a separation that was harmful and contentious. You've heard of the book Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus, by John Gray? That describes the state of many relationships – … [Read more...]

Why Should I Get a Relationship Coach Certification?

s are HOT in the world of self-development and life coaching. Many coaches have decided to set their eyes on a relationship coach certification to contribute to the growth of their coaching practice. What’s Trendy About a Relationship Coach Certification? A relationship coach certification is all the rage. We all want more love and connection in our lives and can’t seem to find the time to get it. The pressure to be successful in the United States has increased over the past 10 years. More … [Read more...]