What is a Life Coach Career Coach?

Here is a new niche for coaching – life coach career coach. Usually when you look for a niche in the coaching world, you attempt to narrow down the market. For example, weight loss coach for working woman, financial coach for seniors, life coach for the disabled, sleep coach for insomniacs, weight loss coach for grumpy old men: these are all examples of narrowing down a market to focus on specifics. But, in this case, the niche is actually an expanded market; you can call yourself a life coach career coach.

Being a life coach career coach means your clients are looking for ways to better their lives through good career choices, career advancement, or positive life choices. There is no doubt that the quality of one’s life is often dependant on the quality of one’s career, and that the two are directly correlated. So – exploit this correlation and become a life coach career coach

10 Ways to Help Clients as a Life Coach Career Coach

  • Guide clients into selecting the correct career based on their personality, needs, desires, and long-term goals.
  • Help clients learn how to fact find and gain knowledge about the best ways to pursue their career goals.
  • Instruct clients on the best ways to build a personal network inside their chosen industry and how to best utilize that network to discover and embrace the best opportunities.
  • Help analyze and assess their client’s life goals – financial, family, relationship, and other important aspects related to one’s quality of life.
  • Work with the client on creating a life-work balance. Emphasize the importance of this balance in the pursuit of lifelong happiness.
  • Work with the client in developing and improving communication skills that will benefit them in both their life and career choices. Teach the value of honest communication and the benefit it has in both life and career environments.
  • Help define a client’s goals with blueprints and maps for life and demonstrate how these blueprints and maps can be used interchangeably for career goals. Emphasize how the interconnection of life and career goals plays a part in overall success and happiness.
  • Help a client understand that coaching is about the present and the future. A coach does not help you overcome past traumas – that is a job for a therapist. Past relationships, jobs, career choices, or problems are just that – a thing of the past!
  • Over time, transfer the power of critical thinking, analysis, and assessment back to the client. When you first begin with a client, you will be asking the majority of the questions, performing most of the analysis, initiating most of the suggestions, and executing most of the assessments. However, as you continue to work with a client, the power of inquiry, analysis, suggestion, and assessment will be transferred to the client. You will merely act as a sounding board and the voice of reason for your client.
  • Help the client understand that he or she is the expert. They are the only ones who truly recognize and understand the best life and career choices for them. This may lose you a few long-term clients, but it is ultimately the correct way to coach.

Know that as a life coach career coach, there are no boundaries. Your coaching niche is comprehensive and a client’s expectations will be high. A life coaching career coaching professional can work in all areas of someone’s life and career. This can include relationships and intimacy, personal growth and spirituality, career planning and development, budgeting and finances, motivation, time management, health and weight loss, creative and entrepreneurial issues, and stress management.

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