What’s All the Fuss About Personal Life Coaches

Put the term, “personal life coach” into Google and you will get 220 million results; with this many results it sure seems like there is plenty of talk about personal life coaches. Personal life coaching, or life coaching, or personal coaching first came to prominence in the 1980s as an extension of business and sports coaching. There is no known creator or inventor or founding guru, or actual start date – the industry just evolved, and will continue to evolve and grow for many years as more … [Read more...]

Why People Don’t Do What Personal Life Coaches Tell Them to Do

Personal life coaches often give advice – they may not call it advice, and many master coaches advise against calling it advice, but you can't help giving advice when you coach. What is advice? Advice is merely knowledge that one person tries to transfer to another. As a coach, you may have plenty of knowledge because of experience and education. You probably have more knowledge on many subjects than your clients. For example, you may have a client who wants to lose weight and learn to live a … [Read more...]