Ode to a Certified Personal Coach

Here’s a poem for all those thinking of hiring a certified personal coach. In ragged, mostly non-rhyming middle-school level poetry, the benefits of using the services of a coach are extolled. If you are thinking of becoming a certified personal coach, this poem may give you an idea of the influence you can have on people. Coaching is a great profession because you make money, earn respect, and help save the world, one person at a time, unless you coach in groups, then you save the world one group at a time.

A Certified Personal Coach is Who You Need

It’s in your best interest to hire one, a coach.
to reach the stars, to climb the highest hill, to slay
the fiercest dragon, to keep your enemies at bay.
A certified personal coach is the answer.

No matter who you are, what you do, where you stand,
from where you’ve come, and where you long to be,
there are pathways that only someone else can see.
A guide, a guru, a seer, a clairvoyant, a prophet,
a psychic, a soothsayer, a visionary, a voodoo doctor.

No, just a certified personal coach.

Someone to give you guidance, assistance,
a little push, a shove up the hill, a push out the door,
a little help through the tunnel, a helping hand up the stairs,
a map to point the way, a flashlight to guide you in the dark,
a few words of wisdom to help you find your way. Yes,
that’s what certified personal coaches do.

Whether you seek a beginning, an ending, a journey,
or a destination, coaches become a friend, a partner,
an assistant, an associate, a buddy, a pal, a teacher,
a mentor, a collaborator, a colleague, a companion,
an aide, an accessory, and an ally.

A certified coach makes a game plan, a road map,
an itinerary for your life. A coach draws on the
giant blackboard to help you discover the answer to
the equation that is love, work, family, and life.

Sometimes life is like a big hole in the sidewalk,
you fall in, you get up, you forget about it
until you fall in again the next day.
Life is like that sometimes. This when you call out,
“hey coach. I need some help.” No shame,
no worries, no problem. A personal coach
can help you remember that hole in the sidewalk,
step around that hole in the sidewalk, find a different
street to walk down, or even fix that hole in the sidewalk.

That’ is what they do, they help you remember,
forget, avoid, fix, mend, ameliorate, and find the
way around that hole.

If you feel helpless, they are there.
If you feel lost, they are they.
If you feel trapped, they are there.
If you lack the motivate, the inspiration,
the visualization, or the inclination,
They are there.

Open your eyes, smell the roses, take the time
to enjoy the journey, and figure exactly where you
are headed. Find one, hire one, use one, embrace one
A certified personal coach may point the way and
change your life.

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Fred Philips
Business Coach
Writing Team, Coaches Training Blog Community

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    Hello Fred, love the poem, a coach is like a fairy godmother, not really but it sounds like they are! Of course, a coach is only good if you are coachable and willing to co-operate with them.

    Regards from Julieanne

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    Great poem. Great concept – to work with a certified coach.
    However, you need to find a coach who can coach you at the level where you are at.
    At this point, I have learned and studied so much about life, about relationships, about healing, about building an online business, about marketing and about spirituality. For me, I need to work with a master, not just a certified coach. And sometimes, a master is not even certified by any organization because he or she created success and abundance before the coaching programs were even established.

    But for someone who is starting out or floundering or someone who has not done the work and study on his or her own, a certified coach can be a blessing and a life saver.


    Dr. Erica

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