The Career Coach Institute and Your New Career Coaching Business

The Career Coach Institute, founded by Marcia Bench in 2001, has become one of the most reputable career coaching institutes in the world. She combines career development knowledge with coaching to create a premier institute for career coach training and certification. She can help individuals with their careers, provide useful tools for small businesses, or help train and certify new career coaches. The CCI is one of hundreds of career coaching program around the country, so there are … [Read more...]

What is the Career Coach Institute?

Career Coach institute was founded in 2001 by Marcia Bench and became one of the world's best sources of career coach education, training, and certification. The Career Coach Institute was the first career coach training organization in the world and grew to become a worldwide community of students in several different countries. Who is Marcia Bench? For over 20 years, Marcia has been involved with coaching, marketing, training, and consulting. She is a professional speaker, a coach … [Read more...]

If I Were King of the Coaching World – My Career Coach Institute

If I were king of the coaching world, I would create the best damn career coach institute on the planet. This institute would have the best teachers, classes, and resources that money could buy. So, let's pretend for a moment that I have money, and as a king, I suppose if I didn't have money, I could just tax the people and get some of their money Since I have all the money in the world, I can create my career coach institute however I desire.   My career coaching institute would … [Read more...]

Designing a Career Coach Institute

Would it be possible to create your own career coach institute? Remember the movie, Accepted? The main character in the movie didn't get into the colleges he applied for, and to satisfy his overbearing parents, he created a college out of thin air. He wrote an acceptance letter from a fake college - the South Harmon Institute of Technology (the acronym was one of the jokes in the movie). The real world isn't Hollywood, but I will suspended belief for the remainder of this article and pretend … [Read more...]