How To Speak With Confidence Using Higher Standards

Knowing how to speak with confidence may not be a naturally mastered technique in your coaching practice. Your clients often look to you for clarity and inspiration and it is important that you know how to speak with confidence so you can lead your clients to take action. Your clients look to you for empowerment. If you do not know how to speak with confidence in every interaction with your clients or perspective clients you leave room for doubt. How can you insure to use language and speak in a tone with your clients that is always from a place of confidence?

How, umm, do, umm, I, umm, speak, umm with ummmmm confidence?

Pull the word “umm” OUT of your vocabulary. Record a session or two so you can hear the tone of your voice and how often you use “umm” and other fillers. Find comfort with silence rather then avoiding it. There is strength and beauty in a momentary pause to think. Your comfort with silence allows you to access strength and clarity within your words and reflect. Let silence happen when in thought of how to express your ideas, taking the time to speak clearly, influencing the pace of your clients speech. Practice verbalizing your thoughts without expressing your ideas around a lot of “umms” and “hmms”. No more “umms” and you have set your first standard in becoming a coach who knows how to speak with confidence.

How to speak with confidence when you do not know the answers.

Being a life coach does not mean you know everything about everything. There are going to be times you do not have the answers to your client’s problem or question. There will be subjects not mastered within your current knowledge. So how do you begin speaking with confidence when asked a question you do not know the answer to? Decide to approach anything you do not fully understand with constant and never ending improvement. Set a standard for yourself that you will always seek to find the answer to a question or problem you do not know. Let your client know that this is a subject or situation out of your area of expertise. Be comfortable with admitting in honesty when you are unsure of an educated response. Hold yourself to the standard of doing your best to get the answer your client needs. Let your client know how you plan to find the answer to there need, as you speak with honesty, you embody confidence. In fact you can use the opportunity to educate yourself and enhance your abilities. It also gives you another opportunity to follow up with your client and impress them with your diligence and perseverance.

Accept that “You don’t know what you don’t know”. Consciously find comfort in silence when choosing your words. Choose to make peace with resourcefulness. Hold yourself to these 3 standards and you have found yourself knowing how to speak with confidence in every coaching session.

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Jeannine Yoder
Life Coach
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  1. jane says

    I stutter way too much. I have lost many job opportunities because they think i am not competent enough to be in the position because I stutter when im nervous! and its hard to prove to them that I can do better! this has been a challenge to me. and reading this post has given me another hope to start speaking again.

  2. Rafael Queja says

    This is usually my problem when it comes to speaking in front of many people. I tend to have cold feet and as a result, make a fool out of myself. For me it is always a challenge and this article has given me another chance to improve and be better. The tips provided can really help anyone who always experience stage fright just like me. Thank you for posting this article. Keep it up

  3. Jeannine says

    Jane that’s great! There is strength in the silence and focus of your thoughts! Excited for your new found confidence in speaking during job opportunities.

  4. says

    Hey Jeannine,

    Excellent article with regards to speaking and acting with confidence in your business and personal lives. Loved your point that if you do not know the answer to one or more of your clients questions, that’s o.k.. You will gain the trust and respect of your clients much more quickly if you admit that you don’t have all the answers but assure them that if you don’t know the correct answer immediately that you will find the solutions for them in a timely manner.

    As you state in your article this not only impresses your client it also gives you an opportunity for new knowledge and personal growth.

    Thanks for sharing Jeannine,


  5. says

    Great article and suggestions.

    Yes I agree with you the word ‘umm’ does not exude confidence.

    In regards to not knowing the answer I do think it is ok to admit that and let the client know that we will do anything to find it out – if it is not an answer the client may be able to find out themselves through being asked powerful questions. After all the client is the ‘expert’ when it comes to their life.

    Thanks for providing this great post.

  6. says

    You want to speak with confidence. – Join Toastmasters
    Want to speak with no ums – Ditto
    Want to persuade and motivate – Ditto Ditto

    Warren Buffet recently spent a day with students from my alma mater Gonzaga Univ. His advice to these college seniors. You can increase you value by 50% if you learn to be a great communicator..

    Toastmasters – best value in self improvement. Best value in career growth. Can I recommend it any more. Sure but go check out a club near you.

    Bill Burns
    Founder – The Ownership Project – “Own Your Life”

    PS Nice blog Jeannine

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