Strike It Rich Today with This Coaching Strategy

Here is a coaching strategy that you can use, even in these hard times, to strike it rich. Yes, rich. There are three components to this approach: consulting, coaching and value-based equity sharing. So how can these three elements come together to make you rich even today? Partially because these are difficult days. Partially because these days have gone on as long as they already have.

Now This Approach Is a little Different.

Before we get too far into this, let’s define a few terms so we are all on the same page. By consulting I mean the sharing of knowledge and experience to improve the success of the client. By coaching I mean the application psychological principles to help improve the clients’ ability to achieve their goals. By value-based equity sharing I mean a form of compensation by which a person is compensated for their efforts by receiving an equity stake in their client’s company based on the increased value of the organization that results directly from the contribution of that person. Are you starting to see the brilliance of this coaching strategy?

Why Is This the Right Time for This Coaching Strategy?

This is the right time for this coaching strategy because any business that is still in business at this point has a very good chance of survival, if they can only get themselves in motion. This is a problem because without the right consulting and coaching, the business may remain paralyzed in a kind of stupor. With a good strategy and a coach to help the decision makers get over their mental paralysis, they have a great chance of prospering when the dust settles.

So, What About the Equity Sharing Part?

Well equity sharing is how the “rich” part can happen. In the current state, the value of the equity of most businesses is at an all time low. Most businesses are also cash strapped. The owners my may want to hire a consultant-coach, but they just don’t have the cash. With this coaching strategy, the consultant –coach can trade their work for highly undervalued equity, and take on risk along with the owners hoping that the company will survive and prosper. By working similar deals with several companies the consultant-coach can minimize their risk through diversification. The result is an opportunity for true wealth while contributing significantly to the economic recovery!

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Dave Iuppa
JTS Advisors Strategy and Accountability Coach

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  1. marquita herald says

    Fascinating concept … of course, if I’m understanding the compensation model correctly, there would have to be some sort of checks and balances or a very high level of trust for the consultant-coach to have verification of improvement on the bottom line. But I can see where this would be very attractive to many businesses.

  2. says

    This new coaching strategy is definitely a great idea for this economy – very interesting article. Of course, like the others commented, there would certainly need to be a great deal of trust in the relationship between the coach and consultant.

    Thanks for sharing!

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