Caution: Death to Personal Success Coaching Businesses

“What do you mean, death to personal success coaching businesses?” You might be thinking, “Aren’t they supposed to be ‘success’ coaches and know how to succeed?” Yes, of course they are the experts in success, but if they and the slew of other coaches don’t catch the drift that the one-on-one session doesn’t work to bring in the big money, and see that the “times are a changing” then death to their businesses is on the horizon, and possibly sooner than later.

Benefits of Group Personal Success Coaching For The Coach And Your Business

  • Better Revenue: You receive more money when doing group coaching. Let’s look at the numbers. Take for example, if you have 10 clients in one group x $500 a person = $5,000 per month at four hours of group coaching per month. That means you would do 4 hours coaching per month receiving $5,000 compared with 10 hours of one-on-one sessions at $125 an hour = $1,250 for the same amount of clients but more hours.
  • Time efficient: With group coaching you save your valuable time. Instead of having to prepare and do follow up on 8-12 clients you just have one group to prepare for which means you have more time to do other things.
  • Affordable for the client: If it is more affordable to clients that means you get more clients and more money.
  • Happy clients: There are a lot of benefits to the clients that I won’t get into with this post, but having happy clients means you get more satisfaction in your work.
  • It enhances your business: It gives you a low cost starting point for clients to check out your practice, then you could take them on to more expensive packages, or you can even turn around and charge more for your one-on-one coaching or you can use it as a cost effective maintenance program for clients after they complete their one-on-one coaching with you.
  • Expand your horizons: Group coaching is often the perfect entry point into corporate coaching if that is the direction you want to go.

Have a Personal Success Coaching Business You Can Be Proud Of

It is my observation that the secret to really successful personal success coaching businesses is they all have some sort of group coaching options. This holds true for not only personal success coaching businesses, that they will be much more successful if they adopt the group session approach, but so will any other coaching business.

In my personal opinion, I agree, and have already jumped on the band wagon and have joined the victory of the personal success coach’s success by changing over to the group session over one-on-one sessions. If you haven’t done it already in your business, try it, you just might like it. To your group coaching success!

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Dana Bosley
Spiritual Growth Coach
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  1. marquita herald says

    Great message – I like the small group concept and think it’s definitely worth exploring!

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