The Three Goals of Successful Grief Coaching

Grief coaching may be the most challenging area of coaching. This is because few human experiences affect us like the death of someone we love. The finality of death creates a barrier that can amplify every doubt and feeling of guilt, and can deny us closure and therefore a sense of peace. But because of these very reasons, the benefits brought by the skilled grief coach can literally save the life of their client. Letting Go without Saying Goodbye The profound absence of the dead loved one is … [Read more...]

A New Coach Tip: Never Coach Friends and Family

Well of course “never” is a big word. But for the new coach, “never” is a good place to start. As a coach grows in experience and also grows more than a little grey hair, well then it may be a different story. But in the beginning and for now, “never” really is a very good place to start. Friends and Family Knew You “Back When” The fact is – like it or not – your Aunt Josephine DID change your diapers. And your Cousin Fred DID see you cry when your vanilla ice cream fell out of your cone and … [Read more...]

Coaching Questions Equal Coaching Power

We have all heard that the one asking the questions is the one in control of the conversation. This is particularly true when it comes to coaching and coaching questions. Learn to ask the right questions at the right time and then really, really listen, and – like magic – you will be a powerfully effective coach. Here are three reasons why this can guarantee your power – every time. Questions Control by Requiring a Response Just as in chess where each of your moves should require a predictable … [Read more...]

Your Personal Wealth Coaching Helps You Soar Financially

You can expect your wealth coach to shape, mold, and transform you out of your stagnate financial slump into a person who plans, expects, and demands wealth. Wealth comes through having a well conceived plan that you can consistently execute on that’ll rollout bucket loads of green cash over time and create financial stability and freedom for you and your family to live in your dream home, drive nice shiny cars, have the college experiences you desire, and retire with a lifestyle fit for a king … [Read more...]

Life Coaching Income: Are You The Tortoise or The Hare?

How you approach your business will affect your life coaching income. There are two main types of life coaching business owners. I like to refer to them as “The Tortoise” and “The Hare.” The motto of the classic story about the turtle and the rabbit who race each other is that slow and steady wins the race. If your style is more similar to the Hare’s style, don’t worry. The race could have gone either way. The key is to identify your style and adapt your business plan to make sure you maximize … [Read more...]

What Good Is Personal Coaching?

What good is personal coaching? Well, how good would a NFL team be without a head coach? Coaching is the key. Personal coaches do for the individual, what a head coach does for the team. They organize the player’s talents, skills and abilities to maximize the time on the field. For the personal journey, the time on the field is played out on the field of life. Play full out and push your personal coach’s limits. How Does Personal Coaching Develop The Person? Personal coaching develops people … [Read more...]

So Tell Me, Do You Need To Be Certified To Be A Life Coach?

I was having a conversation with a friend and the topics shifted from sports to do you need to be certified to be a life coach? The answer was easy, but not really simple. You see, you don’t actually need to be certified. You do need to have credibility in order to influence others and that is what a good life coach does, influence others. As a coach, do I need to have a certification or be a certified coach who focuses on life issues? Professionals Often Ask Me, Do You Need To Be Certified To … [Read more...]

Making Your Fortune in Sales Training Coaching

Sales training coaching requires the coach to develop an expertise in sales process management and sales scripting, but this investment can open the door to one of the most lucrative areas of coaching. Nowhere else is improved effectiveness tied more closely to increased revenues than in the area of sales. As a result, companies are more willing to spend more money here than in any other area of their company. But You’ve Got to Know the Territory To quote the Music Man: “You’ve Got to Know the … [Read more...]

Enough Is Enough, Even for a New Coach

When you are a very new coach, it is easy to forget that new or not, you are still the COACH. And when you are new, it is easy for people to think that they can just dismiss you because you are new or you are young. But don’t let yourself, and certainly don’t let them, forget that you are still the COACH. Remember Your Calling Is not only about You The importance of your Calling is not about the “YOU” part. It is about the “CALLING” part. Sell yourself short. But don’t sell your Calling short. … [Read more...]

The Three Most Valuable Coaching Tricks

When someone says here are my three most valuable coaching tricks, I ask what do you mean by coaching and just what is a trick. We won’t open the Pandora’s Box by asking what is coaching. I can only hope that you have an idea of that from my previous posts, or from many other legitimate sources. But as for what is a trick, we will discuss that here. So Just What Are Coaching Tricks? So just what are tricks? Good question. For me, it is the cornerstone of Zen Buddhism. Which is to say, creating … [Read more...]