Life Coaching; How to Help Your Clients Keep Their New Year’s Resolutions

Life coaching is not a seasonal job, but during the holidays, you may have clients who make New Year's resolutions and are striving to keep those promises made to themselves. How do you help your clients keep those important resolutions? According to Kathy Kolbe, an author, theorist, speaker, consultant, and organizational strategist, there are four personality types, or universal human instinct behaviors, when it comes to tackling a task. Or making and keeping a New Year's resolution. She is … [Read more...]

Coaching Questions Equal Coaching Power

We have all heard that the one asking the questions is the one in control of the conversation. This is particularly true when it comes to coaching and coaching questions. Learn to ask the right questions at the right time and then really, really listen, and – like magic – you will be a powerfully effective coach. Here are three reasons why this can guarantee your power – every time. Questions Control by Requiring a Response Just as in chess where each of your moves should require a predictable … [Read more...]