The Biggest Single Mistake in Personal Coaching

In personal coaching, the single biggest mistake is to fail to really connect with our clients and understand their authentic inner hopes and fears – their very being. You could call it being a good active listener, but just that is not it, at all. It actually defies a principle of physics: how can you get close enough to really understanding something without changing it? You can’t. Or can you? If you can, how can you do it? Here’s how. Guide without Leading Ask open questions that don’t … [Read more...]

Personal Coaching With Confidence For Rookies

When will I be confident in my personal coaching ability? For most new coaches this is the question they don’t even want to ask they are afraid of the answer. Months? Years? Decades? Of course the answer is personal and coaching skills do take time, but take heart. There is one thing you can start doing now that will improve your confidence in your ability to successfully coach just about anyone. The Secret Ingredient To Coaching With Confidence One of the reasons new coaches have trouble … [Read more...]

What Good Is Personal Coaching?

What good is personal coaching? Well, how good would a NFL team be without a head coach? Coaching is the key. Personal coaches do for the individual, what a head coach does for the team. They organize the player’s talents, skills and abilities to maximize the time on the field. For the personal journey, the time on the field is played out on the field of life. Play full out and push your personal coach’s limits. How Does Personal Coaching Develop The Person? Personal coaching develops people … [Read more...]