The Three Most Valuable Coaching Tricks

When someone says here are my three most valuable coaching tricks, I ask what do you mean by coaching and just what is a trick. We won’t open the Pandora’s Box by asking what is coaching. I can only hope that you have an idea of that from my previous posts, or from many other legitimate sources. But as for what is a trick, we will discuss that here.

So Just What Are Coaching Tricks?

So just what are tricks? Good question. For me, it is the cornerstone of Zen Buddhism. Which is to say, creating a contradiction that forces the mind to come to terms, not just with a new perspective, but a whole new way of thinking. That is to step it up to a whole new level of, not just thinking, but to a new way of being. Now that is a trick!

Coaching Tricks Are not just a Matter of Sleight of Hand

Let’s just set that aside. We are not talking about parlor tricks or even about walking over a bed of coals. We are talking about inducing the movement to a whole new and higher level of consciousness. So how is that done? Again, like all of this – not in the easiest way. The answer is to look beyond the current or the obvious, to a whole new level of interaction with our client.

The Challenge Is to Lead Where We May Have Not Been Before

Sounds a little like Star-Trek, but maybe that is the key. To seek out whole new levels of consciousness and existence. Put your mind behind that idea. A whole new level of consciousness and existence. Wow!

So do you have what it takes to embrace that goal: to seek out whole new levels of consciousness and existence for your clients – and for yourself. Frankly, I would be impressed or overwhelmed, except isn’t that what the profession of coaching is all about. Think about it. And if you don’t agree, think about it again. And if you still don’t agree, do us all a favor and just get out of coaching!

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Dave Iuppa
JTS Advisors Strategy and Accountability Coach

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    Interesting post Dave. I’m not in coaching although most people tell me I should. I just enjoy helping others learn how to do specific things online. So I teach them through my blog posts and videos. I know it’s not the one on one attention some people need but I don’t think that’s what I would enjoy doing. I know that some people do find this fulfilling.

    Thanks for sharing this.


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