Enough Is Enough, Even for a New Coach

When you are a very new coach, it is easy to forget that new or not, you are still the COACH. And when you are new, it is easy for people to think that they can just dismiss you because you are new or you are young. But don’t let yourself, and certainly don’t let them, forget that you are still the COACH.

Remember Your Calling Is not only about You

The importance of your Calling is not about the “YOU” part. It is about the “CALLING” part. Sell yourself short. But don’t sell your Calling short. The rhyme used to go: butcher, baker, candle stick maker. And these may have been jobs or they may have been callings. The question is: is your coaching a job or is it a calling? And by the way, what is the difference?

To Be Called, there Must Be Someone Doing the Calling.

Once again, it is not about you. New coach or not, it is about the calling. And it is about the someone doing the calling. It is not about your power. It is about the power of the person who called you. It is not about the importance of the conduit. It is about the power of the water, about the force, that flows through it. Get it? Yes? Good!

So what Does this Mean to the New Coach, and How Can Your Ego Screw It Up?

It is actually pretty simple. If you are a coach, there are powers greater than yourself involved – just as there are if you are a priest or a minister. Just as there should be greater powers acting through the butcher, baker or candlestick maker. It is not “if” there are those powers. It is if you, as a new coach, are open to have them act through you, or under the heading of screwing things up, if you are not open?

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Dave Iuppa
JTS Advisors Strategy and Accountability Coach

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