Grief Coaching

How Grief Coaching Could’ve Helped Me

Like most people, I have experienced tragedy in my life; the sudden loss of my second child at infancy was devastating and painful. I went through the grieving process and was supported by loved ones. Having a coach coming alongside to help me work through my pain, would have made a positive impact. Grief Coaching is a relatively new specialty of life coaching which focuses on helping clients transition and adjust to a new reality as a result of their loss. The grieving process is natural, … [Read more...]

What is Personal Grief Coaching?

Grief coaching is a relatively new segment of the life coaching industry. Helping people cope with grief is the main mission of grief coaching. As a grief coach, you offer a safe place for individuals who are coping with grief to tell their story and express their thoughts and opinions. 6 Ways Personal Grief and Loss Coaching Helps • Allows clients to understand that grief is a completely natural human response to a death or a tragic situation. • Offers support, a shoulder to cry on, … [Read more...]

The Three Goals of Successful Grief Coaching

Grief coaching may be the most challenging area of coaching. This is because few human experiences affect us like the death of someone we love. The finality of death creates a barrier that can amplify every doubt and feeling of guilt, and can deny us closure and therefore a sense of peace. But because of these very reasons, the benefits brought by the skilled grief coach can literally save the life of their client. Letting Go without Saying Goodbye The profound absence of the dead loved one is … [Read more...]

Grief Coaching is Easy? How to Use Psychology Coaching To Take Your Client From Sad to Superb

Grief coaching is one of the most fulfilling ways to use psychology coaching skills to help a coaching client. There is no feeling like knowing that you made a client happy after a long or intense sad time in their life. What you might be surprised about is that grief coaching is actually much easier for a naturally empathetic and intuitive coach than you might think. If you have decent psychology coaching skills already, with a few additional understandings, you'll save your coaching client a … [Read more...]