Making Your Fortune in Sales Training Coaching

Sales training coaching requires the coach to develop an expertise in sales process management and sales scripting, but this investment can open the door to one of the most lucrative areas of coaching. Nowhere else is improved effectiveness tied more closely to increased revenues than in the area of sales. As a result, companies are more willing to spend more money here than in any other area of their company.

But You’ve Got to Know the Territory

To quote the Music Man: “You’ve Got to Know the Territory.” It isn’t enough to understand general coaching principles and try to apply them to sales. Sales is based on psychology and science. And it is also a performing art. Unless you become an expert in each of these areas, you will not have credibility with your client’s sales force. In the world of sales people, who get to set their own priorities and schedules – often independent of the wishes of management, you will not be a priority and you will not be on anyone’s schedule except your own.

Sales Scripting Is the Holy Grail of Sales Training Coaching

In spite of jokes about scripts and door to door encyclopedia sales people and their memorized scripts, sophisticated scripting based on the sciences of persuasion and NLP is in high demand and respected even by the most hardened sales person. Interestingly, sales script writing training is extremely rare, and somewhat of a mystery. Learn it, how to do it and how to teach it and you will be one in a million, literally. Sales training coaching may form the basis for all of your practice’s future growth.

Competition Is the Key to Success in Sales Training and Coaching

Great sales people are generally high utilitarian, who are extremely task oriented and extroverted. Roll that up in ball and you have pure, unabashed competitiveness. If you can harness the power of the competitive nature of sales people and redirect it to the group, you will create a level of energy that is unbeatable. A level of energy, that acutely might support this tremendous undertaking using Sales Training Coaching.

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Dave Iuppa
JTS Advisors Strategy and Accountability Coach

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