Success Coaching During the Olympics: The Ultimate Life Success Coach Story

The Olympics is the most viewed program, not just in the success coaching arena; across the boards.  If there were ever examples of why we all need a life success coach, the Olympics is the ultimate example.  Not a single athlete who gets close to going to the Olympics does so without their own version of a life success coach.  There are a lot of similarities between success coaching and Olympic ice dancing coaching, for example. An Empowering Peer Group Can Make All the Difference in Your … [Read more...]

Coach Training: Coaching Instruction To Help Your Client Discover What They Want

In your coach training, you may not have received coaching instruction on how to help your client discover what they want. Your coach training gave you the ability to help your client accomplish more than they can imagine is possible, and your client has more talent then they could ever use in many lifetimes. They live in a world that has never had more opportunity to reach higher levels of success. In order for your client to realize their potential, they need your coaching instruction in the … [Read more...]

Psychology Coaching: Mindset Coaching To Help Your Client Become A Positive Person

How do you help your psychology coaching (mindset coaching) client to become a positive person? Many people believe they are a negative person. When giving them psychology coaching, you may ask them this question: “Why do you BELIEVE you’re a negative person?” They will probably say something like, “Because my family is negative.” Your mindset coaching client may believe that being a negative person is inherited, like blue eyes or brown hair. Psychology Coaching: Mindset Coaching To Discover … [Read more...]

Relationship Coach Magic: Become a Relationship Coach That Gets Results

Do you really want to become a relationship coach that transforms relationships? I recently found a tool that is nothing less than relationship coach magic. It’s simple, but requires skill on the part of the relationship coach to paint a compelling enough vision to get their clients to buy into it. And it also requires you to become a relationship coach who can hold their clients accountable during the initial implementation process. When You Become a Relationship Coach, Remember This Magic … [Read more...]

Life Coaching Business Essentials: How to Get Coaching Clients and Where to Find Them

If you’re like most coaches, you’re probably wondering how to get coaching clients.  It’s the life coaching business dilemma.  You want to make a difference, but you just haven’t found enough clients yet.  How do you start your life coaching business and get those first few clients?  Here is one simple method how to get coaching clients without fancy technology or expensive marketing. Develop a List of People You Know and Start With Those You Know Best as You Are Thinking … [Read more...]

Coaching Tips To Get Your Clients to Do What They Don’t Want to Do: Accountability Coaching Strategy

Are You Curious What Coaching Strategy Works Best When You Need to Hold Your Client Accountable? Accountability coaching strategy is more than just yelling at someone when they don’t follow through with a commitment they made with you.  They can do that themselves.  What if you had some coaching tips that would allow you to powerfully and eloquently hold your clients accountable?  What type of results would you get?  How much more would you and your clients enjoy the coaching process?  Follow … [Read more...]

How to Use Your Coaching Practice Plan to Create a Successful Life Coaching Business

The first thing you need to create a successful life coaching business is a coaching practice plan.  Many coaches have started a life coaching business, but it didn’t turn out according to their coaching practice plan.  Your life coaching business coaching practice plan is a lot like flying in an airplane.  How so?  When you fly in any airplane you will find that you are off-course 99% of the time.  The reason being that updrafts, crosswinds, storms and other factors will affect the plane on … [Read more...]

How to Be a Personal Weight Loss Coach or a Fitness Coach that Transforms their Client

As a personal weight loss coach, it is your goal to help your clients lose weight and keep it off. One of the things you learn as a fitness coach or a personal weight loss coach is how important your clients' thoughts are. How important are they to you as a fitness coach? For you, it's all about cause and effect. Their old way of thinking is the cause, and their starting weight is the effect. Knowing these two things can be coaching gold for any personal weight loss coach. To Find Out What Is … [Read more...]

Success Coaching: Help You Personal Success Coach Clients Learn The Secret Of REAL Success

In success coaching, you often feel the need to reveal the secret of success to your personal success coach clients.  Every few years, someone comes out with a book that becomes popular with the masses.  These books usually suggest that there is a quick and easy way to be happy and make a lot of money.  All you have to do is visualize positive thoughts and you will attract everything in life that you want.  If that were true, there would be no need for people to have a personal success coach.  … [Read more...]

Coaching Tips to Get Clients Into Action: Successful Coaching for Chronic Procrastinators

depends on results, and results depend on taking action. So what do you do with those clients who simply can’t or won’t get into action? Are there any coaching tips to help chronic procrastinators? In order to get clients to accomplish what they really want, you’ll need to help them take the action they wouldn’t do without your coaching. Helping your clients achieve goals that were merely dreams, is really what successful coaching is all about. Here are the top three coaching tips to help people … [Read more...]