Do You Need a Coaching Practice Plan?

Every coach needs a coaching practice plan; sports coaches routinely create a plan for every practice – outlining the drills they will use and the skills they will work on during each session. However, the practice plan for other types of coaches, life, executive, personal, fitness, career, is somewhat different. Since you don't have practices like a sports team, the coaching practice plan is more like a business plan. You need a plan that serves as the foundation, or the instructional manual … [Read more...]

How to Use Your Coaching Practice Plan to Create a Successful Life Coaching Business

The first thing you need to create a successful life coaching business is a coaching practice plan.  Many coaches have started a life coaching business, but it didn’t turn out according to their coaching practice plan.  Your life coaching business coaching practice plan is a lot like flying in an airplane.  How so?  When you fly in any airplane you will find that you are off-course 99% of the time.  The reason being that updrafts, crosswinds, storms and other factors will affect the plane on … [Read more...]