How to Change Mindset in a Coaching Session

Last week I emailed you about why mindset is everything… ...for you as a coach… ...for your clients… ...and for your coaching business. The point was that helping your clients manage their state of mind… 80% of coaching. How is this ‘state of mind’ defined? It’s a “constellation” of: Thoughts… Your thoughts about what is happening at the moment. Beliefs… Your underlying beliefs about what you deem to be true.The operating beliefs that govern your focus … [Read more...]

Mindset Coaching Over Matter

Yes, since it is mind over matter, mindset coaching is the coaching that counts. Period. Even if you are a successful physical fitness coach, you are dealing with their mindset. If you don’t think so, just remember back to the last time a client cried all night for being over-weight, and then had a huge banana split for breakfast. If you ended up doing any good for your client, then you were coaching your client’s mindset. The Fact Is our Mind Drives our Behavior Every human’s mind chooses … [Read more...]

Mindset Coaching to Help Your Psychology Coaching Client Master Their Fears

The greatest mindset coaching challenge your psychology coaching client will ever face in life is the conquest of fear and developing courage.  Fear is the greatest enemy for your psychology coaching client.  You must give your client mindset coaching to handle fear.  The motion of fear, rather than the reality of what we fear is what causes us anxiety, stress and unhappiness. Mindset Coaching:  Help Your Psychology Coaching Client Develop the Habit of Courage When you give your psychology … [Read more...]

Psychology Coaching: Mindset Coaching To Help Your Client Become A Positive Person

How do you help your psychology coaching (mindset coaching) client to become a positive person? Many people believe they are a negative person. When giving them psychology coaching, you may ask them this question: “Why do you BELIEVE you’re a negative person?” They will probably say something like, “Because my family is negative.” Your mindset coaching client may believe that being a negative person is inherited, like blue eyes or brown hair. Psychology Coaching: Mindset Coaching To Discover … [Read more...]

Psychology Coaching: Mindset Coaching Your Client To Set And Pursue Goals

In psychology coaching, what mindset coaching do you use to help your client to set and pursue goals? We all want to succeed in life, that is why psychology coaching is so important. Do you know anyone who enjoys the experience of failure? I sure don’t. For your clients to get on the path to success in life, they will need mindset coaching to help them handle failure better. Here are two ways to help your client set and pursue goals. Mindset Coaching: There Is Risk In NOT Pursuing A Goal Many … [Read more...]