Success Coaching: Help You Personal Success Coach Clients Learn The Secret Of REAL Success

In success coaching, you often feel the need to reveal the secret of success to your personal success coach clients.  Every few years, someone comes out with a book that becomes popular with the masses.  These books usually suggest that there is a quick and easy way to be happy and make a lot of money.  All you have to do is visualize positive thoughts and you will attract everything in life that you want.  If that were true, there would be no need for people to have a personal success coach.  This idea appeals to people that are not willing to do the hard work required to achieve anything worth achieving.  What success coaching can you give your clients to combat this thinking?

In Success Coaching, The Secret Your Personal Success Coach Clients Need To Learn Is That There Is No Secret

In success coaching, the secret is that there is no secret.  There are only universal principles that have been discovered and passed down from generation to generation.  Your personal success coach clients want happiness, health and financial freedom.  These results do not occur just by thinking positive.  They are the result of design.  Sir Isaac Newton wrote “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” As a personal success coach, you should emulate this by reminding your clients that they must take action in order to see reaction to your success coaching.

Your Personal Success Coach Client Must Not “Reinvent The Wheel” In Your Success Coaching Sessions

On the other hand, perhaps there is a secret of success for your personal success coach client:  just have them do what other successful people do.   Do it over and over and over again.  If your client does that, nothing will stop them from eventually succeeding.  On the opposite end, if your client doesn’t do what other successful people do, no amount of success coaching will help them.  Success is designed through planning.   Success is attracted to through cause and effect.  If your personal success coach client takes the right actions, they will get the right results from your success coaching over time.

Kris Thompson
JTS Advisors Strategy Coach

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