Establishing the Coaching Agreement in Four Steps

Have you ever noticed that you can talk for an hour with a client… ...and get nowhere? After too many of those sessions, most coaches don’t need to wonder why a client doesn't continue coaching. Is it because… They’re not getting value?They’re frustrated with you (or the coaching process)?They’re just not ‘ready’ for real progress? My coach and I were talking about these ‘coaching horror stories’… Sessions that meandered around complaints… Sessions where our feedback was … [Read more...]

Is Coaching Instruction and Training the Next Move for Your Coaching Business?

Have you been thinking about moving from coaching clients into coaching instruction – coaching other coaches? It’s a move that can change your practice for the better…or for the worse. The Grass Isn’t Always Greener for Coaching Coaches Remember the old saying, “the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.” Well, if you’ve been successful as a coach, and have a great reputation with former and present clients, you better think twice before you decide to move your practice to the next … [Read more...]

Coaching Instruction for Speaking to a Group: Five Coaching Tips That Will Give You Confidence

When you’re standing in front of the room and getting ready to present, do you every wish you had a few coaching tips to boost your confidence?  My friend Eiji Morishita just shared a few powerful tips at our coaches training seminar today.  Not only are there some great coaching tips that are easy to implement on the spot, but there is specific coaching instruction that will help you prepare.  The most valuable coaching instruction is to make sure you connect with your clients before you even … [Read more...]

Coach Training: Coaching Instruction To Help Your Client Discover What They Want

In your coach training, you may not have received coaching instruction on how to help your client discover what they want. Your coach training gave you the ability to help your client accomplish more than they can imagine is possible, and your client has more talent then they could ever use in many lifetimes. They live in a world that has never had more opportunity to reach higher levels of success. In order for your client to realize their potential, they need your coaching instruction in the … [Read more...]