Assessment Coach Training: Career Coach Training Using The Disc and PIAV Assessments

A Surprise – What Assessments Taught me About a Long-time Friend and the Importance for Coach Training I’m taking an assessment coach training course, and learning how to use assessments for career coach training. And although one might assume that you could figure out someone’s DISC if you knew them for 10 years, it’s not always the case. Before I took this coach training I thought I could more or less figure out anyone’s profile, but when I saw the assessment results of a good friend I was … [Read more...]

Life Coaching Business Skills: How to Get Life Coach Clients When They Ask You Why They Should Hire You

One of the biggest obstacles to how to get life coach clients is when someone asks, “Why should I hire you?”  Most coaches freeze up at this point, fearful that their life coaching business will never grow.  But this is a great question because you if you have the life coaching business skills to answer this question, you can enroll a new client.  The key to how to get life coach clients is to know that it’s your potential clients’ business why they hire you.  Not yours.  Your job is to focus on … [Read more...]

What Many Coach Training Programs Teach That Will Keep You From Becoming a World Class Coach: Life Coaching Training Skills For The “Uncoachable” Client

In many coach training circles, the concept of ‘coachability’ is often brought up.  Are you coachable?  Is your client being coachable? And whether they are successful depends not on your life coaching training skills, but on your client’s coachability?  Coaching is not the only field where people put the burden of a successful outcome on their clients.  It happens in the field of medicine and psychology as well.  Do you want to settle for that level of mediocrity or do you want to become a … [Read more...]

Why Most People Never Make it to the Olympics or Become a Life Coach: What You Need to Be a Coach

When You Want to Become a Life Coach You Should Consider What You Need to Be a Coach A lot of people want to become a life coach.  But the reason why few athletes make it to the Olympics is the same reason why few people are able to become a life coach.  It's not that what you need to be a coach is so rare.  In fact,  what you need to be a coach is something that is attainable for most people...if they really want it. Here are the top 3 things that you'll need to become a life coach. What You … [Read more...]

What a Relationship Coach Must Never Do: The Key to Increasing Your Relationship Coach Salary

The key to success as a relationship coach is to provide results, and your relationship coach salary depends on it.  If you can take a couple from the brink of divorce into a loving relationship your provide a priceless service.  And your relationship coach salary should reflect that. Think of all the money you can save a couple in legal fees, lifestyle changes running two separate households, and not to mention the emotional turmoil for each party. However, there are 3 things you must never do … [Read more...]

Psychology Coaching Tips: Making The Complex Simple in Mental Health Coaching

When I first started psychology coaching I was CONFUSED all the time, and scared MOST of the time.  What I mean is that as a mental health coaching professional I didn't know when to use the scramble technique that the NLP guys taught me and I didn't know when just to ask re-framing questions, and I didn't know when to confront my client, or what?? The hard part about psychology coaching is not a lack of tools. The hard part about psychology coaching is not a lack of exercises to put your … [Read more...]

In Growing a Business Coaching or Sales Training Coaching Practice The Most Important Skill is Overcoming Call Reluctance

In sales training coaching and business coaching the most important skill in growing your business is overcoming call reluctance. Almost all my clients know the feeling of knowing they need to make calls to grow their practice but NOT making them. Here are 3 tips to gain mastery over call reluctance when building your sales training coaching or business coaching practice. When Calling to Build Your Business Coaching or Sales Training Coaching Practice Remember The Calls Are NOT About You When … [Read more...]

Life Coaching Business Tips to Boost Your Life Coach Career: How to Get Clients to Show Up For Your Workshops and Teleclasses in Droves

One strategy to increase your life coaching business is to provide value through workshops, teleclasses and free sessions. It seems like a relatively easy way to boost your life coach career, but the difficulty come in getting prospective clients to show up. What do you do when you spend hours preparing a presentation and no one shows? Before you give up on your life coach career, take heart. Here are some life coaching business tips to get clients to show up in droves. Prepare your Marketing … [Read more...]

Coaching Success Stories: How to Get Coaching Clients TOMORROW in Your Life Coaching Business

How many coaching success stories have you realized came as a result of a smart life coach following the saying, “you’ve got to capture the low hanging fruit”? It’s still one of the single most important life coaching business client-getting axioms that exists, and one that life coaches forget to use. If you simply pursue the 'low hanging fruit', you're going to have a home-run in your life coaching coaching business and a WINDFALL of new clients (YES, resulting in one of those coaching … [Read more...]

The Fastest Way to Become a Life Coach: Become a Mentor For Coaches

I realized that if you want to become a life coach -- a world-class life coach -- the fastest way to improve your skills is to become a mentor for other coaches.  For the past few weeks, I’ve been mentoring coaches training clients, and this week I noticed a few new shifts not only in their skills but mine as well.  By putting myself on the line and deciding to become a mentor for these coaches in training, I have become a life coach who has taken my coaching skills up to a new level. You can … [Read more...]