What Many Coach Training Programs Teach That Will Keep You From Becoming a World Class Coach: Life Coaching Training Skills For The “Uncoachable” Client

In many coach training circles, the concept of ‘coachability’ is often brought up.  Are you coachable?  Is your client being coachable? And whether they are successful depends not on your life coaching training skills, but on your client’s coachability?  Coaching is not the only field where people put the burden of a successful outcome on their clients.  It happens in the field of medicine and psychology as well.  Do you want to settle for that level of mediocrity or do you want to become a coach who can coach anyone, anywhere?  Do you want to settle for basic life coaching training or are you ready for world class coaching training?

Make Sure Your Life Coach Training Is Addressing the Right Need

Most coach training programs talk endlessly about “possibility” and “potential,” but only for certain people: the “coachable” ones.  Before you label anyone, make sure you know their payoff for behaving the way they are.  Do your clients have so much uncertainty and fear that they aren’t able to move forward?  Put that life coaching training into practice and refine your skills.

Are There Coach Training Opportunities Hidden in Your Client?

Do your clients feel they are losing significance through your actions?  Are these challenging clients the stoic and steady type who would rather die than confront someone or admit defeat?  Instead of bringing it up, do they shut down and fail to make their scheduled appointments?  Are you going to believe what mainstream life coaching training tells you and give up on your client?  Or look at all your coach training resources and become a leader?

Life Coach Training Should Be Somewhat Specialized in Order to Be Effective

Another alternative to the basic life coach training viewpoint that some clients are uncoachable is that they are just not motivated.  Are they really clear about what they want and why?  Do you understand what values motivates them?  If not, find a coach training program that will help you cut through your clients’ stories and find out what they really need.

You Can Never Get Too Much Coach Training

Before throw your hands up in the air and dismiss these clients, take a long you at your own coaching skills.  It’s easier to justify that you have all the coach training you need and that it’s your client who is at fault than to really push yourself to the next level.  But don’t give up on yourself or your clients.  Find some life coach training that will help you get the result that you and your client want to see.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Designated Accountability Coach

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