Mental Health Coaching Versus Mental Health Counseling

Is mental health coaching the same as mental health counseling? Do they do the same thing? Do they treat the same people? If not, what are the differences? The Definition of Mental Health Coaching Mental health coaching helps clients envision life without depression or other obstacles to emotional well-being. It is a niche within the coaching field which touches on therapy, but it does not work with or attempt to treat mental illness. Coaches in this niche don't view mental health in … [Read more...]

Mental Health Coaching and Depression

It is common to think that people who are suffering from depression need the services of a psychiatrist, but mental health coaching might offer an alternate solution for individuals suffering through periods of depression. An important tool in recovering from depression is having a recovery partner, someone who acts like a sponsor in AA or similar programs. The perfect recovery partner is someone skilled in coaching and mental health – a mental health coach! What is Mental Health Coaching? A … [Read more...]

Mental Health Coaching – 10 Steps to a Better Attitude

Mental health coaching is a niche of the coaching field that borders on therapy. Though a mental health coach is not a therapist and does not treat mental disorders, good coaches can help their clients see the world in a new way, turn pessimism into optimism, and think with a glass-half-full attitude instead of a glass half-empty attitude. Mental Health Coaching Works Though people with mental disorders or conditions need a trained therapist, there are many people who merely need to alter … [Read more...]

Psychology Coaching Tips: Making The Complex Simple in Mental Health Coaching

When I first started psychology coaching I was CONFUSED all the time, and scared MOST of the time.  What I mean is that as a mental health coaching professional I didn't know when to use the scramble technique that the NLP guys taught me and I didn't know when just to ask re-framing questions, and I didn't know when to confront my client, or what?? The hard part about psychology coaching is not a lack of tools. The hard part about psychology coaching is not a lack of exercises to put your … [Read more...]