The Fastest Way to Become a Life Coach: Become a Mentor For Coaches

I realized that if you want to become a life coach — a world-class life coach — the fastest way to improve your skills is to become a mentor for other coaches.  For the past few weeks, I’ve been mentoring coaches training clients, and this week I noticed a few new shifts not only in their skills but mine as well.  By putting myself on the line and deciding to become a mentor for these coaches in training, I have become a life coach who has taken my coaching skills up to a new level.

You can do the same as soon as you become a life coach.  Find someone who is one step behind you and become a mentor to that person.  Their desire to grow will challenge you to be your best.  And you will learn the material at a deeper level when you teach them.

When You Become a Mentor, You Also Become a Life Coach with More Clients!

Using this strategy will help you become a life coach with more clients, as well.  Whether or not these coaches pay you, it is your job to provide value.  Make sure you become a mentor who asks for feedback.  Ask questions like, “What part of this session was most valuable to you?” or “What result occurred as a result of last week’s coaching.”  You can problem solve with these clients and look for new solutions and insights together.

Your Motivation Will Skyrocket When You Become a Mentor

When you become a life coach who has also become a mentor your clients will motivate you.  As a mentor, you will need to continue to grow or risk losing your ability to provide value.  And through challenging them to be the best they can be, you also give yourself permission to do the same.

Mentoring Will Help You Become a Life Coach Who Has Confidence

As you become a mentor for coaches, you will become a life coach with a greater sense of confidence and clarity about what you do and the value you provide.  It’s also a great measuring stick to see how far your skills have come, and in which areas you need to continue to grow.  If you are looking to make a contribution to the world, you are leveraging yourself by empowering other coaches to take on that challenge as well.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Designated Accountability Coach

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