Life Coaching Business Skills: How to Get Life Coach Clients When They Ask You Why They Should Hire You

One of the biggest obstacles to how to get life coach clients is when someone asks, “Why should I hire you?”  Most coaches freeze up at this point, fearful that their life coaching business will never grow.  But this is a great question because you if you have the life coaching business skills to answer this question, you can enroll a new client.  The key to how to get life coach clients is to know that it’s your potential clients’ business why they hire you.  Not yours.  Your job is to focus on coaching on as many people as possible and offering free sessions.

The key to growing your life coaching business and how to get life coach clients is to be prepared for this question.  This is a great marketing question, and with a good script you can answer with confidence.

How to Get Life Coach Clients by NOT Talking About Your Life Coaching Business

The key to how to get life coach clients is to avoid having the conversation being about you.  If you talk about how you can help them with reach their goals, the focus will naturally be about you and your life coaching business.  Even though the process of coaching will help them get to their goals.  They don’t want to hear about you or your coaching.  Unless of course your prospect is really interested in the latest coaching technology…but they’re not.

Instead make the goals the spotlight; not your life coaching business.  Not about what you can do to help them.  They key to how to get life coach clients is to include 4 criteria you need to include to have a well formed benefit.  They need to be specific, measurable, external and emotional.  How does that look?  Let’s take an example of what you might say to someone in sales or a small business owner.  You don’t want to tell them you will “change their mindset” or “increase their personal power and productivity.”  That is vague, internal, and something you can’t measure.  So many people use these terms that it usually turns people off.  Instead you might tell them, “I help salespeople make an extra 5K a month.”

The Past Results of Your Life Coaching Business Will Give You a Strategy for How to Get Life Coach Clients

If you want to learn how to get life coach clients ask yourself what is that statement for your target market.  If you’re not sure, you can clarify what is important to your potential clients simply by asking them.  Remember why you started your life coaching business; to make a difference in the lives of others.  Taking the emphasis off yourself and onto your clients is the fastest way to success.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Designated Accountability Coach

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